2026 Hudson Fitzgerald (Broughton):

Fitzgerald had an impressive day, continuing to showcase how deadly he can be as a shooter. He is certainly showing he can be one of the top shooters in his class, getting to his spots, letting it fly from deep and with a ton of confidence. When he is hitting shots, he really opens up the floor for his team and really changes the overall feel of his team. On Day 2, he had a great showing.

2025 Joel Deigna (Oak Ridge):

Have to believe that Deinga is going to be a name that pops up a lot more on college programs’ radars. He continues to bring production, but you can also see there is room for growth as well. But with his blend of physicality, athleticism and bounce at the rim, and his development in his ability to knock down shots, Deinga offers a lot for his team and has really been making a statement this summer.

2027 Avery Hicks (Wakefield):

Hicks is a new name that impressed us, as the young sophomore has the size and ability to be one to watch in the coming years around the Raleigh area. He is one that was able to showcase his scoring capabilities inside and out, is comfortable in a variety of roles and areas on the court, and still has room for growth in his game. Definitely a new name to watch out for more in the coming years and should bring strong value to the court this upcoming season.

2025 Raheim Misher (Maiden):

Every time we watch Misher on the court, we just know what we are going to get from him. Love his production and his motor, being active in so many ways and just finding ways to make plays to lead his team. For his size, he plays a lot bigger than listed, attacking the glass, creating second-chance opportunities, finishing at the rim, running the floor, and filling up the stat sheet. He did that time after time on Day 2.

2025 Christian Ananaba (SE Raleigh):

Ananaba is a player that had a very impressive day and I have to believe that he walked away impressing a few eyes that were sitting on the sideline. Talk about a player flying under the radar, Ananaba is a 6’6 prospect that brings a tremendous two-way feeling. He can assert himself off the bounce and at the rim, finishing strong on defenders but is extremely comfortable in all areas of the court, making him a tough matchup.

2025 Ahmari Hicks (East Meck):

Another player that could be regarded as an under the radar type guy but made his presence felt on Day 2 was Hicks. Having a strong season last year, he could be in for an even bigger year this year as one of the clear leaders and shot makers for this team. Hicks was extremely effective in rising up from multiple levels and knocking down shots, displaying good range and comfort.  He would be a solid grab for a future program and showed that today.

2026 Darius Whitner (Garner):

Talk about a player that simply gives you energy and plays hard, as well as bringing production to the court, Whitner was fun to watch on the court on Day 2 at the Team Camp.  He really showed his ability to be a dynamic playmaker with his speed and playmaking ability, scoring in an array of ways but finding other ways to produce as well. He sets the tone defensively, helps run the show, gets others involved, and can knock down shots consistently.

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