2025 John Lash (Charlotte Christian): Hard to believe that this young man is only a freshman, as he plays more like a veteran on the court. Really like his size and his motor on the floor, being assertive on the boards but also plays with such poise and touch. Great frame already for his age, has a smart IQ in how to score around opponents, and has good touch with his shot.

2022 Logan Blair (Harding): Blair is just someone you want to help lead your team, as he leads by example. Love his relentlessness on the court, playing with a ton of energy, competing no matter what, and really stepping up when his team needs him to. A strong, physical prospect that finishes through defenders and picks his spots to operate.

2022 Kyle Frazier (Weddington): Frazier continues to step up big when his team needs him, as he plays a vital role in this team’s success.  A leader on the floor, he plays with a ton of confidence and isn’t afraid to take the big shot when needed.  He went for 20 points and knocked down multiple big threes, really stretching the defense; they were big shots in the second half to really start pulling away.

2023 Riley Allenspach (Providence Day): The 6’10 big man was impressive and continues to get stronger and better each time we see him play.  Allenspach understood that he was the biggest prospect on the court and did a terrific job in using that advantage.  He finished extremely well through contact, was active on the boards, and forced the defense to really collapse on him in the paint.

2023 Donovan Raymond (West Charlotte): Raymond really showcased how effective he can be as a big man and he was a strong presence in the paint to help his team win. Had his moments on the boards but he was extremely good in running from paint to paint, showing quick touch and quick reactions around the basket.  This is a young man that continues to elevate his game but still has room to grow, which is scary.

2022 Daniel Lubamba (Northside Christian): Lubamba continues to be a player that I will say can help a team win.  He is such a strong guard that just plays extremely hard, does what is needed from him, and helps in all areas of the court. Love his physical presence defensively, the effort he brings on the boards, and he just makes winning plays to help his team. Really leaves it all on the court each time I see him.

2022 Toni Akinyelu (Ardrey Kell): Akinyelu continues to be an x-factor for this team. A team that lacks size, he brings a strong presence and can be a tough matchup for opponents, especially with his ability to put it on the deck, step out and score, but also be extremely effective in the paint.  Add that to his strong presence on the board, the senior had himself a strong double-double performance.

2023 Isaiah Tate (Gaston Christian): Tate continues to put on strong performance after strong performance but you can see that he has really worked hard on improving and expanding his game. On Day 2, he was extremely effective from deep, showing a much improved and confident perimeter feel.  Tate has quietly had a strong showing in leading Gaston Christian.

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