2026 6’4 Rolky Brea (Run the Citi):

Brea was a new name that earned our attention, and we are eager to watch him more.  He has good size and length and was productive each time we watched him on the floor. He did a great job in finishing and just being active around the basket, as he led his team offensively in both games. Brea did a great job in being productive all on the court.

2027 6’2 George Johns (Bricksquad Monopoly):

A young prospect, Johns was one that found ways to be effective and we are eager to see how he continues to develop. He runs the floor well, uses his length, and showcases solid athleticism in finishing around the rim. Johns was an effective option in the paint and stayed engaged on the boards, creating extra opportunities as well as being a presence defensively.

2026 6’7 Dylan Twitty (NC Spartan Forest City):

Twitty has really become a favorite of mine, especially with what he brings and with the mindset he brings for his team. Twitty is a workhorse down in the paint, always bringing a ton of production with his ability to grab rebounds both offensively and defensively. And when the opportunity is there, he can be physical enough to score around the basket.  Overall though, he brings a ton of production for his team and it doesn’t always have to be by scoring.

2025 6’3 Brandon Solomon (Bricksquad Monopoly):

Solomon had a really good showing overall to start his event, as he really showed his ability to be a dynamic scorer from multiple levels.  Whether it was his ability to attack downhill and use his athleticism and frame to finish at the rim, or his ability to step out with a ton of confidence to knock down shots from three, Solomon mixed it up well and was consistent throughout his game. Really good Day 1 for Solomon overall.

2026 6’3 Adam Perdue (Virginia Pride Blue NXT):

Perdue had a really good game in what was a tight game throughout. He shot the ball extremely as he hit multiple threes with a ton of confidence, but he was an effective scoring option and playmaker throughout when his team needed him. Perdue has a fluid release and is able to make plays off the dribble as well knock down open shots off the catch. When watching him, he finished with 30 points in a close game.

2027 5’10 Zymir Lipscomb (Cap City Clutch):

A young guard who was able to introduce himself to our scouts, Lipscomb not only showed his ability and confidence in knocking down shots off the catch but was also a tough scrappy guard on the defensive end and leader.  Lipscomb was active all throughout on both sides of the court, being a good playmaker, created well for others and himself, and was confident in his perimeter shot-making.

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