2027 Josh Leonard (Wilson):

Leonard, who is already regarded as a Top-20 player in the Class of 2027, continued to show just how special and unique he is on the court at his age. When you talk about a player his age, you simply don’t see someone at his size with his skillset very often. Leonard has such a strong build that allows him to overpower opponents and be a tough matchup, getting downhill and at the rim consistently and through contact but also is continuing to look to expand his overall feel. He impacts the game in so many ways on the floor, being able to operate inside and out as well as guard multiple positions. There is no doubt that he will be a hot target for so many programs around the country.

2026 Bradley Floyd (Kings Mountain):

Floyd is starting to enter a different discussion regarding the Class of 2026, as we will have much more on him later this week. But from what we have seen over the last year, this young man is going under the radar but could also be in for a blowup. Floyd, who sits at 6’5, may be one of the most versatile prospects in his class, as he is a stat sheet stuffer. Whether it is creating and scoring, facilitating to his teammates, rebounding, and/or defending, Floyd does it all and offers so much on the court.  I truly believe this is just the start of a big uptick in his recruitment.

2026 Markus Kerr (Chambers):

Kerr is such a unique prospect because he offers so much on the court, yet he has so much potential left in the tank. Kerr, who is one of the youngest players in his class for North Carolina, shows a smooth overall feel in which he finds ways to produce from the perimeter at 6’6 but also creating off the dribble, getting to the rim, finishing strong, and just playing at a terrific pace. Again though, he is just scratching the surface of what he could which is why many schools were taking notice and reaching out here in June.

2027 LJ Smith (Lincolnton):

Coming off a season in which he led the state in scoring, one only knew what you were going to get from him here at Team Camp and he didn’t disappoint. Smith has a unique skill set in being an offensive power, showing a tremendous understanding and feel as an offensive creator. His ability to create space against defenders to look for his shot is impressive, no matter if it is from mid-range or from behind the arc. But he also has a smooth feel in creating off the dribble, penetrating the defense, and finishing tough around the basket.

2026 Tre Raymon (South Pointe)

One of the top players in the state of South Carolina for his class, Raymon continues to show that he can thrive in several areas of the court and be a tough matchup to go up against. He continues to show that he can step out and stretch the floor from the perimeter, picking his spots and knocking down shots from outside, especially in catch-and-shoot situations but also using his 6’8 frame to operate around the basket to score. Raymon looks to lead the way once again for South Pointe in a big way, while also seeing his stock rise this summer and upcoming season.

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