2025 6’3 Acaden Lewis

Lewis was a true eye-opener and though we have limited viewings compared to other national outlets, it is hard for me not to see his national ranking increase dramatically.  His performance at the camp earned him a North Carolina offer and plenty of other schools should be looking his way. Lewis was electric with the ball in his hands, showing tremendous creativity and shiftiness, along with excellent touch in finishing off the glass as well as scoring from all levels. He also dazzled us with some terrific passes to his teammates, as he has a flare with his game.

2025 7’1 Malachi Moreno

Moreno came in as one of the top bigs and he proved that at the camp.  When you talk about his game, you see the impact he has offensively but what impressed me was his impact in other areas of the court. Offensively though, he is a fluid 7’1 center who runs the floor, moves extremely well, scores at the rim, and is comfortable in a variety of areas.  But again, what impressed me the most was his ability to impact the game on the boards as well as altering shots defensively. He has tremendous recovery at his size and timing, as he played at a high level all week long.

2025 6’10 Chris Cenac Jr.

Cenac Jr. was yet another big that really impressed us and we hope we get to watch him more. But from what we saw, this is a young man who has the size and skillset to hurt you in a variety of ways. Whether he wants to be physical down in the post and body through defenders, finish at the rim, create off the dribble and score, or step out from behind the arc, Cenac offers A LOT to the table that college coaches would love to have. Which is why he walked away with multiple offers from the event and should see his stock rise by many.

2025 6’5 Meleek Thomas

Thomas, ranked as one of the top prospects at the camp, proved why he is so electric on the court. He is an immediate offense weapon when he steps on the court. His ability to create, keep defenders guessing, use his shiftiness to get defenders off balance, and his change of speed is fun to watch, all of which allows him to score from all three levels. But his offensive scoring isn’t the only thing that shines in his game, as he displayed excellent full-court vision, energy to attack the boards, and was vocal on defense. Thomas proved he is a tremendous competitor on the court.

2025 6’6 Tounde Yessoufou

Yessoufou sent a wake-up call to many and has been doing so all summer long, as the 6’6 physical prospect was one of the most physically imposing prospects at his position. Yessoufou was excellent when he was getting downhill, as many could stop him from getting to the basket and finishing. He embraces contact and knows how to finish strong at the rim, but also shows an expanded game in being able to knock down shots with range.  When on the court though, he produced and was engaged all throughout, looking to fill up the stat sheet.

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