6’7 ’25 Sadiq White (Elite One)

Referring to White’s performance as “impressive” would be a massive understatement, as he dominated the game without even looking to do so. The ridiculously long, explosive forward controlled the glass, caused problems with his defensive presence, and finished seemingly anything he attempted around the basket. White plays so far above the rim that it’s almost unfair to actually expect opponents to contain him. He altered shots very well, displayed useful ball-handling ability, and knocked down multiple perimeter jumpers. Already a top prospect in North Carolina’s Class of 2025, White looks likely to continue blowing up over the coming months. 

5’10 ’23 Corey Gaines (Team Relentless)

The Team Relentless roster has a slew of talented pieces, but Gaines was arguably their most pivotal piece in this showing. He’s a tough, scrappy, fairly well-rounded guard prospect who is comfortable at producing from either backcourt position. Gaines understands how to run a team on both ends of the floor, able to consistently set up others, score from all levels, and stand out as an absolute pest defensively. He’s smart, unselfish, and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands. Gaines simply outworks opponents on both ends of the floor. He should be recruited by various college programs throughout the high school season. 

6’6 ’23 Graham Worland (Phenom ESA)

Although there were multiple standouts in this showing, it would be impossible to ignore everything Worland brought to the table. He’s a well-rounded wing with IQ, size, elite perimeter shooting, and the understanding of how to naturally fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. Worland is a solid athlete, defender, and rebounder who can excel within various roles and alongside any collection of surrounding teammates. He also creates off the bounce, sets up others, and moves well without the ball. All signs point to Worland collecting a slew of offers over the upcoming season. 

6’7 ’23 Wesley Tubbs (DCT Elite)

The balance on DCT Elite is easy to see, but Tubbs consistently found ways to stand out as a leader on both ends of the floor in their first showing of the day. He still applied his usual amount of downhill pressure, which resulted in a ton of athletic finishes and smart passes to open teammates. Tubbs also made plays as a cutter and shot the ball at a respectable percentage from the perimeter. He forced numerous turnovers defensively, pushed transition play, and consistently made quality decisions with the ball in his hands.

5’11 ’23 Justin Monden (Juice All-Stars)

There are plenty of next-level prospects on this roster, and Monden is certainly included within that grouping. He’s a smart, steady, unselfish point guard who knows how to set up others, defend his position, and assert himself as a scorer. Monden does a nice job of playing with poise, making proper reads, and outworking his assignment for extra opportunities. He should be a priority for various college programs. 

6’9 ’24 Clash Peters (Hoop State Select)

The Class of 2024 has a lot of enticing prospects, and Peters is definitely in the discussion amongst the best big men within the state. He’s strong, incredibly skilled, and able to score the ball in a wide variety of ways. Peters is an excellent shooter, both from midrange and beyond the arc, and can dominate opponents on the block. He has a phenomenal blend of strength, mobility, touch, footwork, and toughness. Expect him to continue trending upward as a desired commodity for next-level coaches. 

6’5 ’23 Gabriel Tooper (Fort Mill Force)

It’s easy to be impressed with this Fort Mill Force squad, which includes Tooper as their main leader. He’s a skilled, athletic, fairly versatile wing/forward prospect who can comfortably dictate the action with the ball in his hands. Tooper shoots the ball at a nice percentage, consistently sets up others, and offers a reliable presence on the glass. He does a great job of setting the tone for this group.  

6’8 ’24 Jared Taylor (Ace Elite)

There are plenty of quality prospects on Ace Elite, and Taylor arguably stood out as their most impressive performer in this contest. He’s a big, strong, mobile post prospect with a sturdy frame and the ability to physically overwhelm opponents around the basket. Taylor finishes with touch and athleticism, but also makes a lasting impression with his high motor. He rebounds his position, runs the floor in transition, and makes hustle plays whenever possible.

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