6’7 ’23 David Peral (Mount Tabor)

Various players have shown progression within this Spartan roster, but Peral’s growth has been truly unbelievable. Since the start of the travel ball season, arguably no player has improved more. He’s a scrappy, low-maintenance big man who understands how to play hard, do the dirty work, and outplay his assignment on both ends of the floor. Peral effectively finishes, rebounds, protects the rim, and runs the floor in transition. Various college programs should be in pursuit. 

6’2 ’23 Adam Harvey (Chatham Charter)

It’s easy to appreciate the balance within this Chatham Charter squad, and Harvey knows how to consistently stand out as a leader. He’s a polished three-level scorer with IQ and the ability to create for himself and others, or find opportunities without the ball. Harvey can attack the basket, pull-up from midrange, or spot-up from beyond the arc. He takes smart shots and mixes it up at a healthy rate offensively. Harvey is able to contribute and be an asset in a variety of different roles. 

6’2 ’24 Evan Morton (United Faith)

Although multiple guys stood out for this group, Morton was clearly their main catalyst. He’s a smart, well-rounded player who simply does a healthy amount of everything on both ends of the floor. Morton possesses a tight handle and appears quite comfortable operating as the primary creator whenever necessary. He scores the ball well from all levels and knows how to keep opposing defenses on their toes. Morton is also a reliable defender and useful rebounder. College coaches would be wise to get involved before he inevitably blows up. 

6’9 ’23 Jaydin Spillman (Calvary Day)

There are numerous intriguing pieces for the Cougars, and that certainly includes Spillman. His skillset has been well-documented over the last few years, but this showing allowed him to highlight increased toughness and interior activity on both ends of the floor. Spillman can finish around the basket, but looks to face-up and hit jumpers whenever available. He can also attack off the bounce if needed. Spillman made a consistent effort on the glass and altered/blocked a ton of shots defensively. The long-term appeal is obvious.

6’8 ’26 Latrell Allmond (John Marshall)

Arguably no team was as impressive as John Marshall, and Allmond was a major reason why. Though young, the big man is already incredibly talented. He possesses size, mobility, and a polished skillset, which is particularly notable at his age and size. Allmond finishes around the basket with both hands and above the rim, but also handles the ball, shoots perimeter jumpers, and makes plays off the bounce. He’s already virtually unstoppable for most opponents, which is somewhat scary given his long-term upside. Allmond has the chance to be a special prospect. 

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