6’8 2020 Josh Hall: Moravian Prep (NC)

Hall has established himself as one of the best prospects in the entire country. He possesses an unbelievable set of tools with his three point range, overall fluidity, size, length, and athleticism that allow him to be a dominant player at the high school level. He’s an incredibly dangerous spot up shooter, doing a great job moving without the ball, while also maintaining a high level of efficiency with his touches. As he continues to add strength and become a bigger, stronger, and better athlete, expect Josh Hall to have an opportunity to become a special special player at the next level and beyond.

6’5 2021 Jacob Morgan: Pine Lake Prep (NC)

Morgan is a smooth young wing prospect that the Phenom Hoops Staff is very familiar with. His ability to make shots at all three levels, guard multiple positions, and play the game the right way is what makes him so attractive as a prospect. After a long day at the NC Top 100 camp, Morgan made it a priority to come play in his teams last game of the day, and that was something I really appreciated. It shows his commitment to the game and his team, and I thought that deserved some praise.

6’0 2020 Anthony Allen: Independence High School (NC)

Allen is one of the best two way guards in North Carolina, showing his ability to score the ball in a relentless fashion from all three levels. He can get his shot off at any time from the perimeter, using ball screens to perfection, and making excellent reads with the ball. He defends the point of attack extremely well, making life difficult for opposing guards, leading to easy offense for himself, Omarion Bodrick, Jackeem Verdier, and Jalen Hinton. Allen is already buzzing among D2 coaches in attendance, expect his recruitment to continue to pickup steam, and D1s to come calling soon.

6’3 2021 Nick Green: Royal Knights (NC)

Green is an elite shooter, that’s what grabs the most attention from his game as it should, but what gets lost in translation a lot of the time is his ability to create offense, he’s more than comfortable in either guard spot, using an efficient style of ball to create for himself and others. He’s remarkably dangerous as a catch and shoot threat with in the gym range. He’s a kid that scholarship coaches should familiarize with very quickly.

6’5 2020 Jordan Williams: Ben L Smith High School (NC)

Williams is one of those kids that doesn’t necessarily have any positions or attributes that blow you away individually. The collective of what he brings to the table is what makes him an incredibly effective and productive player with his shooting touch, ability to handle the ball and create for others, with his size, and overall high basketball IQ. His competitive fire and clutch shotmaking will make him scholarship money, coaches NEED to see what he’s doing!

6’7 2022 Shane Fernald: Mount Pleasant High School (NC)

Fernald is one of the more unique 2022 players in the state of North Carolina, his vision, shooting touch, and size make him a really intriguing point forward, and gives him the opportunity to be a very productive player. He’s a great team guy, getting emotional at times, but he gets so excited for his teammates that you just want to see good things happen to him as well. As he continues to become a more explosive athlete, expect him to become a dominant player, and an even more intriguing prospect.

6’10 2020 Justus Shelton: Mountain Heritage High School (NC)

Shelton is a prospect the Phenom Staff is familiar with, his ability to finish around the rim with touch and protect it at the other end should make him a coveted prospect for scholarship level coaches. His improved strength helps him fight on the block for positioning and for rebounds on both ends, as he continues to fill out, expect Shelton to have a really productive year on a Mountain Heritage team that has a chance to accomplish a lot of great things.

6’5 2020 Ricky Council IV: Southern Durham High School (NC)
Ricky Council is an elite athlete that also possesses absurd range and consistency on his perimeter shot… last time I checked that’s a winning formula. After hitting an acrobatic game winner against Moravian Prep on Friday, and reportedly showing out at the NC Top 100 Camp on Saturday, Ricky IV wanted some more, and that’s exactly what he got. He had an inspired performance against Independence, knocking down a barrage of 2nd half 3 pointers, trying to will his team to a victory over a really strong Independence squad before falling short. His ability to create offense, fly over defenders, an shoot the absolute cover off the ball make him exciting to watch, but even more exciting as a prospect.

6’7 2021 Omarion Bodrick: Independence High School (NC)

Bodrick is the epitome of a difference maker defensively, he has the size and athletic gifts to guard just about every position on the court, and he does an incredible job getting out in transition where he finishes above the rim at a high level. There’s still a ton of room to grow for Bodrick, but his ability to use his athleticism to his advantage is no question his biggest strength right now.

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