Tennessee Phenom Exposure Camp
Team Recaps

Team 5 – Coach John Good

#5 5’7” 2021 Clint Lamb of Nolachuckey High School (Greenville, TN)
Lamb came through camp with a great attitude and displayed good competitiveness. He is a solid shooter with understanding of footwork and rebounding. Lamb’s camp coach John Good stated, “Clint has good handles with nice court awareness. He did not allow the size differential between he and his opponent hinder his competitive spirit.”


#16 5’9” 2019 Isaac Wenzel of Asheville Christian (Arden, NC)
Wenzel showed solid basketball IQ. Wenzel didn’t show any weaknesses in his game with a complete skill set from the lead guard position. Wenzel’s camp coach John Good stated, “Isaac has a good 3-point stroke. He has a solid understanding of how to use a ball scree, really able to create space to get his looks. He is a good ball handler.”

#25 5’11” 2022 Dawson Wagner of Liberty Bell Middle School (Jonesborough, TN)
Wagner showed a great attitude to go along with wanting to be coached. He understood his role within the team and was able to make shots at multiple levels. Wagner’s camp coach John Good stated, “Dawson has a nose for the ball. He runs the floor well and is a good ball handler with a scorer’s mentality.”

#37 6’ 2020 Cade Norris of Daniel Boone High School (Gray, TN)
Norris gave a great attitude throughout camp. He is a good team player, showing the ability to play both ways. Norris’ camp coach John Good stated, “Cade can play on both ends of the floor. He passes the ball well, setting up his teammates. He uses his length on both ends of the floor, good defender.”

#46 6’1” 2021 Luke Wess of Richlands High School (Pounding Mill, VA)
Wess gave great effort and really took to the concept of team play throughout camp. He is a good athlete with the ability to make shots with good shooting form and a quick release. Wess’ camp coach John Good stated, “Luke has a good, athletic body. He passes the ball well and is a solid defender. Luke is a good ball hander and has a sweet stroke.”

#57 6’2” 2021 Joshua Dorsey of Cross Creek High School (Augusta, GA)
Dorsey came into camp with a great attitude, showing to be a high upside prospect. He is a lengthy athlete who can shoot the ball as well as finish above the rim. Dorsey’s camp coach John Good stated, “Joshua is a long – athletic wing who has a huge upside. He had touch when knocking down the 3 ball and he attacked the basket well.”

#67 6’2” 2019 Jared Strickland of Gateway Christian (Mount Carmel, TN)
Strickland came into camp with a great concept of team play. He is a knock down shooter with deep range and a quick release. Strickland’s camp coach John Good stated, “Jared is a good 3-point shooter with a sweet stroke. He handles the ball well and attacks the basket with both hands. Good basketball IQ.”

#78 6’4” 2018 Elijah Smith of North Greene High School (Afton, TN)
Smith is a strong and hard-nosed big man who relishes doing the tough guy things. He showed a very competitive attitude when rebounding and defending. Smith’s camp coach John Good stated, “Elijah is a bruising force inside. He rebounds well, sets tough screens and communicates well. He can score outside the paint and gives an all out hustle.”

#88 6’6” 2020 Ben Knight of Seymour High School (Seymour, TN)
Knight came into camp giving great effort with a good concept of team play. He did a good job rebounding his area and playing big around the basket. Knight’s camp coach John Good stated, “Ben works well around the basketball. He can finish with both hands. Rebounds well and controls the glass.”

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