Tennessee Phenom Exposure Camp
Team Recaps

Team 3 – Coach Brian Looney


#3 5’6” 2019 Anthony Foreman of Dobyns Bennett High School (Kingsport, TN)
Foreman showed a great attitude throughout camp. He is a jet quick point guard with great ball handling skills and the ability to get into the paint often. Foreman’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Marae is a very good point guard with exceptional speed and quickness. He finishes at the rim strong. Marae has excellent ball handling skills and is a good rebounder and explosive athlete.”

#18 5’10” 2019 Joeseph Kesterson of Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge, TN)
Kesterson showed great effort as well as an understanding of team play. He has a quick release to go with deep range, really a player with no real deficiencies. Kesterson’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Joe is a really nice all around player. He has excellent shooting range as a high percentage shooter from the field. He is a solid passer and has good shooting mechanics to go along with a quick release.”

#23 5’11” 2020 Aidan Carter of Tennessee High School (Bristol, TN)
Carter excelled on the court with a high basketball IQ. He was a very good ball handler (both ways) with the ability to make shots at all 3 levels, and distribute the ball to the right spots. Carter’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Aidan is a very good guard. He was a strong ball handler with passing and court awareness. Very smart player with a high basketball IQ.”

#39 6’ 2019 Brady Ragland of Cookeville High School (Cookeville, TN)
Ragland showed great effort, on both ends, throughout camp. He displayed good basketball IQ to go along with quickness and nice vision and court awareness. Ragland’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Brady is a solid basketball player on both ends of the floor. He has good ball handling skills, a great attitude and hustles on both ends of the court.”

#44 6’1” 2022 Reid Satterfield of Greenville Middle School (Chuckey, TN)
Satterfield came into camp as one of the youngest players, but showed he belonged. He has a high basketball IQ with the ability to use both hands, at full speed and finish at multiple levels. Satterfield’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Reid is good in transition. He hustles up and down the court, on both ends. Reid has an excellent basketball IQ for a player so young.”

#59 6’2” 2019 Brady Gilbert of Castlewood High School (Castlewood, TN)
Gilbert is a tough all around player who really took pride in doing the tough guy stuff. He is a good defender who rebounded well and showed the ability to finish. Gilbert’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Brady is a gritty player. He is a strong rebounder on both ends. Nothing real flashy but always gives a consistent effort. He communicates well and seeks the ball.”

#64 6’2” 2019 Gunnar Norris of Daniel Boone High School (Gray, TN)
Norris is a great team player, really taking on his role with great effort. He played great defense and rebounded the ball well for a player his size. Norris’ camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Gunnar is a good defender. He gave strong closeouts when defending the post to perimeter. Strong post defender. He communicates well on both ends.”

#80 6’5” 2018 Paul Arrowood of David Crockett High School (Gray, TN)
Arrowood is a very fundamental player who enjoys doing the little things. He had a strong post game, on both ends, playing tough defense and finishing around the basket. Arrowood’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Paul is an awesome post player who is strong in the paint both offensively and defensively. He is an intimidating presence in the lane with his shot blocking ability. Great teammate, talks and communicates. Plays excellent off the ball post defense.”

#85 6’6” 2020 Jake Matherne of Science Hill High School (Johnson City, TN)
Matherne gave great effort on both ends, chasing rebounds and battling for position. He has a polished post game with touch over both shoulders as well as the ability to face up and shoot or drive. Matherne’s camp coach Brian Looney stated, “Jake is a solid post player, he finishes strong with his back to the basket and rebounds. He is very strong both offensively and defensively on the boards. Matherene is very good on perimeter ball screens resulting in easy pick and roll opportunities for his team.”

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