It was a chance for high school teams to get back on the court with their teammates, as Phenom Hoops brought some fantastic teams to Ridge View High School for the Summer Jam Fest 2. Teams from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia all made their way, with a few names continuing to prove themselves as an elite talent while others were able to make a name for themselves.

Here are the five names that stood out on Tuesday:

Julian Phillips (2022, 6’6)
Blythewood High School (Blythewood, SC)

This young man has all the tools to be a big-time prospect in the coming years and he is only an 8th grader. Standing at a lengthy 6’5, Phillips has the tools to be a versatile type prospect that could play several positions; one just doesn’t quite know where his game will take him. The fact is though is that he has one. Phillips already understands what it takes to play at the high school level against older players. He works well inside and out, showcasing a smooth jumper when he rises up with his elite wingspan; he was even able to showcase his three-point range multiple times. He also competes for such a young player and one can already see that he is a name to remember.



Chico Carter (2019, 6’4)
Cardinal Newman (Columbia, SC)

Carter came in with a chip on his shoulder and proved himself. He also may be one that many might not yet know of in the state of South Carolina but they should. Carter has a smooth jumper that coaches feel confident with no matter where he is on the court. He also has a scorer’s mentality and looks to come out defenders, filling up the box score in a hurry at times. Carter displayed that he is a vocal leader both on and off the court. He finished his last two games with a 33 points performance and topped that with a 42-point performance. Coming off an offer from St. Louis, Carter could be a player programs will start to take a harder look at.




Robert McCray (2021, 6’1)
AC Flora High School (Columbia, SC)

We are putting it here; McClay is going to be a name rising up the rankings in the state of South Carolina. A young guard for AC Flora, McClay shined all throughout the day, making plays as a starter at such a young age. He handles the ball really well, whether it is in the half court or in transition, while also being able to push the ball with a great pace to his game. McClay continued to display his ability to get by his defender with crafty and explosive moves, then finishing with his athletic ability or dropping off fantastic passes to his teammates. One may not know of him yet, but you will now.




Trae Hannibal (2019, 6’2)
Hartsville High School (Hartsville, SC)
Committed to South Carolina

Hannibal came in as a known name and he didn’t disappoint, scoring 32 points in the second game of the afternoon. When you look at him, you almost look at him as a football, running back type player with his frame, built, and size. He is extremely strong and uses that to his advantage, bullying defenders into the paint. He made a living doing that for much of the day, attacking the rim, bodying up opponents, and finishing strong at the rim.



Tre Jackson (2019, 6’1)
Blythewood High School (Blythewood, SC)

Jackson may have been one of the best scorers in the event and he showed it every time on the court. He simply has that scorer’s mentality, that no matter where he was he can put the ball on the floor, get by his defenders, and finish at the rim or pull up for his jumper. He is a solid combo type guard that teams may want to have him in an up and down type offense; it is where he would work best. He started the day with six three’s in a win, while also leading the team all day long in scoring.

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