Phenom’s Open Gym Tour
Concord High School
By Rick Lewis

Phenom Hoop Report travelled to Concord, North Carolina to watch Coach Jason Stowe and his Concord Spiders. His team is youthful and the underclassmen will have plenty of opportunities to make an impact. One thing is for certain, they have plenty of enthusiasm and the team demonstrated a workmanlike attitude throughout open gym.

Now, let’s look at some of the top players for Concord.

6’6 ’20 Jackson Threadgill is a fundamentally sound shooting guard. He is very skilled and has a high basketball IQ. We were impressed with his overall attitude and team first attitude and approach to the game. Coach Stowe stated, “Threadgill has improved on defense and is a great teammate. We’re expecting a break out season.” Davidson College assistant coach Matt McKillop was at open gym and they expressed the most early interest. Threadgill is currently more comfortable off the “catch and shoot,” but has the ability to score off the dribble. All the ingredients are there to become a solid D1 prospect. He has good size, length, and a willing work ethic. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger which will come in due time.

6’4’19 DeVonte Sampson is definitely the most athletic player on the team. He has tremendous length (6’9 wingspan) and tremendous bounce. He showed glimpses of his ability and impressed up with his boundless energy on the court. Coach Stowe stated, “Sampson is a great shot blocker and will get better with playing time.”

6’4 ’19 Jalen O’Neal is a multiple talented player. Coach Stowe stated, “Jalen can score from the perimeter as well on the interior. While O’Neal may not be the flashier player, he does have a very smooth and fluid game. Last season, O’Neal averaged 12 PPG and 7 RPG and coach Stowe is expecting a break out season for the junior guard. We got a chance to watch him this past summer and we were impressed with his court vision and feel for the game. He will bring needed experience for the team his coming season.

6’4 ’19 Jordan Stowe will be a coach on the floor this coming season. At the Southern Jam Fest, we wrote, “Jordan Stowe is a pass first point guard with a high basketball IQ. He looks for his teammates at all times. “ He has a nice feel for the game and his ability to make the right pass at the right time are all strong attributes, not to mention his size and length. In addition, Stowe is a solid perimeter shooter and has worked hard to improve defensively.

2 2019 6’4 PG Jordan Stowe: Pass first PG with a high basketball IQ looks for his teammates at all times. Good length for a PG.
Interest Lees McRae, D2, D3s and NAIAs

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