Next Level Girls Showcase
Team 5 Evaluations
Coach: Steven Morris

#4: 5’2 ’20 Rachel Ozio of Rolesville (Rolesville)

Starting things off, we look at a player that has already established herself as a really strong defender, Rachel Ozio. She’s a lead guard with a terrific motor, bringing intensity to every possession and doing anything possible to disrupt opponents. Ozio scored decently from all three levels and brought a team-first approach to the game. Next in her development process is to improve her ball handling and finishing abilities, as that would elevate her game to another level. Coach Morris on Ozio: “Rachel is an outstanding on-ball defender that made her presence felt throughout camp on defense; she anticipates passing lanes extremely well and eliminates any space her matchup has to work with. Rachel has great potential with some added work, and could be a fantastic guard one day.” Ozio will always find playing time with her defensive prowess and should start getting quality minutes sooner than later.

#5: 5’4 ’20 Mariah Davenport of Jordan HS (Durham)

Moving onto a player that has the ability to affect all facets of the game, on both ends of the floor, Mariah Davenport. Offensively, she can score, pass, and handle the ball at a quality rate against any opposing guards. On the other end, Davenport is an average defender with untapped upside, as she has the necessary quickness and IQ to be well above average. Next in her development process is to raise her defensive game to a new level, as it would make her a two-way monster. Coach Morris on Davenport: “Mariah is a great, very coachable young lady. She is an excellent three-point shooter and clever ball handler. Mariah has good quickness and gets to the rim with relative ease. She hits the glass hard, but needs to work on getting better position.” Davenport has the foundation to be a quality guard at the high school level with appropriate time.

#10: 5’4 ’20 Carlise Nelson of Voyager Academy (Durham)

Continuing onto a player that brought a winning attitude and strong motor to her team, Carlise Nelson. She’s a guard that has considerable upside, given her quality size and aforementioned motor. Though she’s still improving on the defensive end, she still has the ability to cause chaos and rattle opposing guards. Nelson proved to be a nice rebounder on both ends of the floor with her constant activity. Next in her development process is working on finishing around the basket and moving without the ball, as it would make her a more dangerous offensive weapon. Coach Morris on Nelson: “Carlise is a good player and she rebounds her position quite well and knows how to earn her minutes. She plays with a great motor and has defensive instincts that allow her to shut down opposing ball handlers.” Nelson will only continue to get better with time, and she’ll be one to watch grow going forward.

#20: 5’8 ’21 Nia Howard of Jordan HS (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that stood out with her phenomenal guard play on both ends of the floor, Nia Howard. She’s able to play with or without the ball quite well and doesn’t show fear of bigger or stronger players. Howard gets to the basket extremely well and is a solid finisher in her chances around the rim. Defensively, she possesses great quickness and footwork, allowing her to stick to opposing guards like glue. Next in her development process is working on her passing skills, as it would allow her to open up opportunities for her teammates. Coach Morris on Howard: “Nia moves really well without the ball and gets to the rim incredibly well. She has a quick release on her jumper and has a good grasp on the use of both hands, able to dribble and finish with either. Nia is also a great rebounder for her position.” Howard was among the stronger two-way players on her team and should carry that same approach into the upcoming season.

#31: 5’9 ’20 Dasia Hester of Southern School (Durham)

Moving onto a player with tremendous athleticism and upside on both ends of the floor Dasia Hester. She’s a long, strong-bodied forward that knows how to involve herself on every single possession, especially on defense–where her length allows for many forced turnovers. Hester does most of her scoring in transition, through running the floor and rising up over opponents. Next in her development process is working on her jump shot from midrange and three-point territory, as it would make her more difficult to contain on the offensive end. Coach Morris on Hester: “Dasia is an outstanding athlete with the ability to somehow get into every possible passing lane. She gives 100% every play and is the type of player that coaches can appreciate.” Hester knows how to get after it and will develop her skillset, making her an utterly dominant player.

#38: 5’5 ’21 Aneesa Irizarry of East Chapel HS (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that has a fairly well rounded game with the potential to get even better, Aneesa Irizarry. She brought an incredibly positive attitude to every game and dug deep on the defensive end, frequently shutting down her assignment with positioning and IQ. Irizarry gets to the rim with relative ease and once she improves her finishing ability, will be a beast around the basket. She’s also a quality defender, but still has considerable upside on that end. Next in her development process is working on her shooting ability, as it would compliment her strong drives very nicely. Coach Morris on Irizarry: “Aneesa is a solid player that moves well without the ball and penetrates to the basket with a purpose. She’s a good on-ball defender that rebounds her position at a quality rate.” Going forward, look for Irizarry to round out the edges of her game, giving her the potential to be an elite prospect.

#53: 5’9 ’20 Ashaunti Parker of CE Jordan HS (Durham)

Continuing onto a player that stood out immediately from the opening tip due to her next-level frame and athleticism, Ashaunti Parker. She was one of the more noticeably impactful players from her team, making considerable contributions on both ends of the floor. She scored very well from all three levels and got to the rim whenever she pleased, making most of her chances on offense. Defensively, Parker used her length exceptionally well to get blocks and steals with great frequency. Next in her development process is work on her shooting off the dribble, as it would make her virtually unstoppable. Coach Morris on Parker: “Ashaunti is an amazing, explosive athlete that has great anticipation skills on both ends of the floor. She gets to the rim whenever she wants and possesses great vision in transition and the half court. Ashaunti handles pressure really well and is a knockdown catch-and-shoot player.” Look for Parker to break out soon, especially if she keeps up this level of play.

#54: 5’9 ’20 Breanna Jenkins of Northern Durham HS (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that displayed great physicality on both ends of the floor and under the basket, Breanna Jenkins. She’s a forward that rebounds the ball really well by using her body and positioning to snatch boards from bigger players. Jenkins is a solid shooter off the catch and showcases a handful of reliable moves out of the post. Her defense is already at a plus level and she plays within the teams’ offense. Next in her development process is rounding out her ability to score from all three levels; she will be fantastic on offense with the appropriate additions. Coach Morris on Jenkins: “Breanna is a physical player that seems to always be in the right position, especially on rebounds. She’s a quick outlet passer and anticipates passing lanes very well; she was highly coachable throughout camp.” Jenkins has the foundation and intangibles necessary to become an above average player sooner than later.

#67: 6’1 ’21 Keanna Rembert of Enloe (Raleigh)

Finishing things up, we look at a player that was near dominant on both sides of the floor, Keanna Rembert. She’s a long, athletic, and able to play across multiple positions; few players were able to replicate the versatility and finishing ability that she provided. Offensively, Rembert is capable of penetrating and finishing everything; her jumper is still improving but she has the potential to be a quality shooter. Majority of her production and potential falls on the defensive end, where she was among the very best players at camp. Next in her development process is continuing to work on her three-point shooting, as it would make her almost impossible to defend. Coach Morris on Rembert: “Keanna is a great player with length; she competes on every possession, especially on the glass. She has a phenomenal understanding of the game, looking for cutters and always keeping the ball secure in the post. Keanna can play multiple positions and is a great ball handler for her size.” Watch for Rembert to become a special player, as she possesses all the tools to do so.

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