Phenom’s Next Level Ladies Showcase
Team Recaps

Team 3

#3 5’1” 2018 Nala Terry of Riverside HS (Durham, NC)

Terry displayed a great attitude throughout camp. She is an aggressive defender who is able to use her quick feet and anticipation to make life hard for opposing ball handlers. Terry’s camp coach stated, “Nala creates turnovers with her energetic pursuit of the basketball. She is a natural floor leader who holds her team accountable on both ends. Nala is a true point guard and a very strong leader.”

#11 5’4” 2020 Tori Washington of Green Hope HS (Cary, NC)

Washington came in and gave great effort throughout camp. She is able to get into the paint often and showed the ability to finish with both hands. Washington is also a good shooter, with range and the ability to move off the ball to find her spots. Washington’s camp coach stated, “Tori commands the court with her drive and kick style of play. Her quickness gives her the ability to blow by defenders and she has an innate ability to finish at the rim.”

#14 5’5” 2018 Tania Daniels of Millbrook HS (Raleigh, NC)

Daniels came into camp and displayed a great attitude with a willingness to learn and compete. She is a great shooter off the catch, always having her feet set and showing a soft release. Daniels’ camp coach stated, “Tania can shoot the 3-ball with the best of them. She is a good defender at her size and competed until the very end.”

#29 5’7” 2018 Dominique Cooke of Trinity Christian (Fayetteville, NC)

Cooke displayed a great knowledge with her basketball IQ. She showed the ability to score the ball at all 3 levels as well and shooting the ball well off the bounce or the catch. Cooke’s camp coach stated, “Dominique is a knock down shooter from behind the arc. Her decision making and basketball IQ are great assets. She is crafty around the rim and is able to finish through contact.”

#33 5’8” 2018 Aijah Perry of Riverside HS (Durham, NC)

Perry displayed great effort and understanding of team play throughout the camp. She showed the ability to get into the paint and finish, she also passed the ball well and showed a willingness to mix it up and rebound as a tough defender. Perry’s camp coach stated, “Aijah has a very high IQ. She is a smart defender and a very hard worker on both ends. Aijah commands the oppositions attention when the ball is in her hands as she is able to drive and kick as well as finish at the rim.”

#49 5’9” 2018 Ashauntee Nelson of Riverside HS (Durham, NC)

Nelson was one of the top performers in the entire camp. She has a very high basketball IQ and plays very very fast, but also under control. Nelson is an incredibly unselfish player, but is able to score at all 3 levels, while also setting up team mates. Nelson’s camp coach stated, “Ashauntee is very unselfish but knows when she needs to take over the game. She is incredibly athletic and makes plays for herself and team mates. Her length and leaping ability cause nightmares on the defensive end.”

#55 5’9” 2019 Ladasia Jones of Riverside HS (Durham, NC)

Jones has a great attitude and understanding of team play. She moved very well without the ball as well as range on her 3-point shot. Jones rebounds the ball well and has good vision on the break. Jones’ camp coach stated, “Ladasia has very good feel for the game. She seems to always find a way to make the right play at the right time. Ladasia is an excellent rebounder and has an innate ability to find her team mates on the break.”

#68 6’1” 2018 Jordyn Burton of Hillside HS (Durham, NC)

Burton showed great effort and a great basketball IQ throughout the camp. She did a great job acting as a paint protector and is a very good shot blocker as well rebounder. Burton’s camp coach stated, “Jordyn is a “mini-Mutumbo”. She finds a ball for a block once it leaves the defenders hands. She is solid on the pick and roll and rebounds and boxes out very well. Jordyn has a lot of energy and works very hard to better her craft.”

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