Next Level Girls Showcase
Team 1 Evaluations
Coach: Ty Cox

#17: 5’6 ’19 Imani Howard of Jordan HS (Durham)

Beginning with a player that was really impressive in her ability to run a team as a true point guard, Imani Howard. Always looking to elevate her team, Howard found teammates in optimal spots for them to score. She brought a winning attitude and a long list of intangibles to the table. Howard scored the ball incredibly well inside the arc and shut down her assignment on the other end, regardless of who it was. Next in her development process is working on the consistency of her jumper from three-point range, as it would open up her offensive arsenal even more. Coach Cox on Howard: “Imani is a consummate point guard that defends her position very well; she comes from the true point guard mold, which every team needs. She sees the floor and helps players around her; Imani has nice ball handling skills and appears comfortable running a team. Her ability to penetrate is exceptional and allows her to get into the paint at will. Imani is definitely a college prospect that can play at the next level.” Look for Howard to have a breakout junior season at Jordan.

#39: 5’7 ’19 Kalaya Hall of Mt. Zion (Cary)

Next, we look at a player that displayed a full arsenal of skills on both ends of the floor, Kalaya Hall. She’s a point guard with an incredible feel for the game, frequently making plays for herself and teammates. Opposing guards really struggled to contain Hall, as she blew by defenders and finished effectively in the lane quite often. She was able to control the tempo and rebounded the ball at a high rate throughout camp. Next in her development process is work on her ability to move without the ball, as it would allow her to play either guard position whenever needed. Coach Cox on Hall: “Kalaya is a tough-minded point guard that plays with a high level of physicality. She frequently rebounded against bigger players and seemed to brush off opposing defenders with ease. You can tell that Kalaya possesses natural passing skills that most players do not. She makes good decisions on penetration, whether to pass or score. She can be a true point guard on the collegiate level—programs need to add her to their lists.” Hall has a definite chance to be a big-time player at the next level.

#58: 5’11 ’19 Cydney Johnson of Heritage (Raleigh)

Moving onto a player that was among the upper echelon of prospects due to her phenomenal two-way performances, Cydney Johnson. Her size and skillset allow her to play at guard or forward, whatever is needed; she is so athletic and strong on her way to the basket, where she finishes nearly anything in sight. Johnson plays with a high motor and IQ, making for a dangerous all-around threat on the floor. Next in her development process is continuing to work on the consistency of her three-point shot, as it would bring her offensive game to new heights. Coach Cox on Johnson: “Cydney was impressive from the moment we started skill sessions. She is a high-level athlete with the ability to play inside or out with no problem. Cydney is strong and showcased a variety of ways she can score—from off the dribble three-pointers to euro-steps. She thrives in transition and can finish strong through contract; Cydney is a strong D1 prospect that should still get better.” Johnson was one of the highest regarded players from camp. Hopefully she can bring that same intensity to the court this season at Heritage.

#59: 5’11 ’19 Nia Washington of Green Hope (Apex)

Continuing onto a player with the size, strength, and ability to be successful at the next level, Nia Washington. She’s a strong-bodied wing player with the ability to punish opponents on the drive and down low, around the basket. Washington scored the ball well from all three levels throughout camp and hit the glass extremely hard on both ends of the floor. Next in her development process is working on her defensive instincts, as they would make her a much more dangerous two-way presence. Coach Cox on Washington: “Nia is a power wing that has the ability to score on all three levels. She is powerfully built and uses that to her advantage to exploit mismatches. Most opposing guards and wings are not strong enough to keep her from getting to the basket and off the boards. While the forwards do not feel comfortably defending Nia out to the three-point line, where she can thrive. As she continues to refine her overall skillset, she will be in a position to make an immediate impact on the D1 level.” Look for Washington to begin turning heads this season at Green Hope, where she should dominate.

#63: 6’0 ’19 Brittany Staves of Leesville Road (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a player that showcased her versatility and exceptional IQ throughout camp, Brittany Staves. She’s able to play three positions quite well given her high-level athleticism and ability to defend opponents of various sizes. Staves scored efficiently from all three levels and got whatever she wanted inside the paint; she has the size and length necessary to be successful at a variety of positions at the next level. Next in her development process is sharpening up the consistency of her three-point shot, as it would make her an utterly dominant scorer. Coach Cox on Staves: “Brittany’s length and athleticism creates offensive opportunities for herself (and the team) along with defensive problems for opponents. She has a strong midrange shot with the ability to hit the three and get to the rim. Brittany is extremely versatile and can play multiple positions. She’s a strong D1 prospect with limitless potential; Brittany will be fun to watch develop over her final two years of high school and beyond.” Anyone that watched Staves at camp knows she has the ability to succeed at the next level, it all depends on how much work she’s willing to put in to determine how successful she can truly be.

#66: 6’2 ’19 Maya Johnson of Raleigh (Raleigh)

Moving onto a player full of production and upside with her ability to operate so smoothly from the low-post, Maya Johnson. She’s a quality post presence on both ends of the floor and has displayed the ability to get a bucket anywhere inside the arc at will. Johnson was one of the top overall interior players at camp with her scoring and rebounding abilities, as both were noticeable strengths over opponents. Next in her development process is continuing to work on her quickness, as it would allow her to be even better out of the post or from the perimeter. Coach Cox on Johnson: “Maya was clearly the most polished post player at camp; she has a number of post moves that she could go to and get a basket. Maya has expanded her range and made a three-pointer. However, this is not yet a strength, but rather a developing part of her game. She is a tremendous post defender and weak-side shot blocker. Maya is an elite rebounder. We look for Maya to be heavily recruited at the D1-level.” Johnson certainly made a hefty impression on her coach and spectators throughout camp; it will be intriguing to see how much she grows over the next two seasons to prepare for the college game.

#70: 6’3 ’20 Khalis Cain of Mt. Zion (Raleigh)

Finishing with a player that was among the most tantalizing prospects at camp with her extremely high work ethic, Khalis Cain. She isn’t necessarily confined to a position right now, but she’s a player that every coach would love to have within their front court rotation, as she simply has an incredible nose for the ball. Offensively, Cain is constantly improving with each passing day and will be one of the top players in the country if she develops a reliable avenue for points. However, she is already a high motor terror on defense and in transition, where she frequently made plays by blocking shots, ripping steals, and hitting the glass hard. Next in her development process is adding a go-to move on offense, as it would help her overall game tremendously. Coach Cox on Cain: “Khalis is a special HM young talent that you do not see very often, especially given her combination of size, speed, athleticism and toughness. The only thing missing now is the offensive skillset, which will come with time. She works consistently hard on both ends of the floor. She’s already fundamentally sound in keeping rebounds high and snapping outlet passes up the court. Khalis will make some program very happy as she will anchor the front line from day one.” Cain is simply oozing with potential and should look to dominate this season, as it is a likely possibility.

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