Phenom’s Camp Accolades
CP3 Rising Stars
By Jamie Shaw

It is easy to go through and name an all event team, however giving out accolades paints a more in-depth story for the reader. There was so much talent in the gym, it truly was an accumulation of the top players from across the country.

Granted setting is paramount and there is some luck involved when it comes to getting put on a team. Again, here is what we saw and how we would categorize each player after their performances.

The Camp’s Top Performer
6’8” Caleb Furst #232/Jazz
Blackhawk Christian (Fort Wayne, IN)/Team Teague

Others Mentioned: Terrance Clarke, Johnathan Kuminga, Trey Patterson

Top Prospect
Top Dog Moving Forward
6’7” Johnathan Kuminga #244/Hornets
Iona Prep (NY)/WV Wildcats Select

Others Mentioned: Trey Patterson, Terrence Clark, Bretner Mutumbo, Johnathan Lawson

Mr Station
The Camp’s Most Fundamental Player
6’5” Redford Dunton #101/Pistons
Heritage HS (Wake Forest, NC)/Carolina Legend

Others Mentioned: Frankie Collins, Trey Clucas, Andre Johnson

Best Shooter
The Camp’s Top Sniper
6’1” Jalen Blackmon #140/Raptors
Marion HS (Fort Wayne, IN)/Team Teague

Others Mentioned: Dylan Garrington, John Camden, Trey Clucas, Wyatt Heston

Mr Playmaker
The Camp’s Top Lead Guard
6’ Cobi Wright #39/Bucks
York Prep (Rock Hill, SC)/Team CP3

Others Mentioned: Carter Whitt, Ryan Conway, Meechie Johnson

Most Explosive
The Camp’s Player Whose Game is the Loudest
6’6” Khailieo Terry #233/Heat
Marymount School (US Virgin Islands)/Virgin Islands All Stars

Others Mentioned: Johnathan Kuminga, Franck Kepnang

Best Defender
The Camp’s Player Who Brought the Straps
6’5” Michael James #116/Thunder
Wekiva HS (Orlando, FL)/E1T1 Elite

Others Mentioned: Alexis Reyes, Kendall Brown, Franck Kepnang

Man On the Block
The Camp’s Top Back to Basket Big
6’9” Nnanna Njoku (#238/Cavaliers)
Sanford School (Neward, DE)/Team Final Black

Others Mentioned: Trey Hill, Caleb Furst

Mr Leader
The Camp’s Player Who Got Everyone to Play Their Best
5’7” Jarius Northam #51/Hawks
Riverside HS (Durham, NC)/Carolina Legend

Others Mentioned: Gavyn Elkamil, Keon Henderson, Tevin Smith

Mr Rebounder
The Camp’s Top Rebounder
6’9” Bretner Mutumbo (#207/Heat)
Potter’s House Christian (FL)/1 Family

Others Mentioned: Noah Allred, Keon Ambrose-Hylton

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