6’9 2020 Myles Evans: NC Empire

Evans is still rounding back into shape after a meniscus tear, but he still found a way to play an incredibly productive game, anchoring his team on the block at both ends of the floor.  He’s a skilled, strong bodied big man that always finishes around the basket at a high clip.  His expanding perimeter game is really encouraging, he stepped into his 3s with confidence and knocked a couple down.  He’s always had soft touch, but now that he’s getting to that consistent level from the perimeter it will only take his game to another level.

6’4 2021 AJ Smith: Team Charlotte 17U

Earlier in the year, after watching Smith go for 32 in a High School game against Metrolina Christian, I declared that he was a bonafide high major player and he’s done nothing but prove me right with his performances thus far today.  He’s a strong bodied wing guard that is incredibly explosive when attacking the rim with the ability to create for himself from all three levels.  He’s an incredibly productive kid, finding a way to leave his fingerprints on all aspects of the game.  Without a doubt one of the best 2021s NC has to offer.

6’5 2020 Ahmil Flowers: Greensboro Warriors 17U

Flowers is a high flying wing guard that is really starting to come into his own as a 3 level scorer and he’s in a great situation with this Greensboro Warriors team as it currently stands.  He’s starting to really find his confidence from beyond the arc, adding that element of the game to a consistent level is the next step for him, and it should garner a bevy of LM-MM offers/interests if he continues to keep his foot on the gas.  He is arguably the most slept on kid in North Carolina’s 2020 class. 

6’4 2021 Glenn Bynum Jr: Team Charlotte 17U Herron

We’ve seen Bynum before in a variety of settings and I think he’s found his perfect match with the tough style of play that Team Charlotte brings to the table.  He’s a hard nosed, defense first wing guard that does a great job defending the other teams best player and doing it with a ton of purpose.  Offensively he does a great job getting downhill, picking his spots, and playing efficiently at that end of the court.  He’s more than capable of initiating offense as a secondary ball handler as well.

6’2 2020 Justin Wright: Team Loaded NC 17U

Justin Wright epitomizes what a winner at the High School level is all about, after an undefeated NCHSAA 2A State Season with his Farmville Central Squad, he kept his foot on the gas for the start of Summer ball, helping lead the charge in a strong 2-0 showing for Team Loaded.  He’s kind of got that old school “herky jerky” scoring ability that allows him to create off the dribble at a high level.  The kid simply understands what it means to be a part of a winning culture, making him one of the more recruitable guards in NC’s 2020 class.  I’d be shocked if he didn’t see his offer list increase in a major way this summer. 

6’7 2021 JaDun Michael: Team Loaded NC 17U

Ja’Dun Michael has a chance to be one of the best players in NC’s 2021 class with his ability to create from the wing spot, high flying athleticism, and his great understanding of how the game is supposed to be played.  It was clear that he’s still figuring out how to best utilize his abilities with his new team, but he showed incredible progression in just two games today, showing that he’s able and willing to adjust on the fly.  He has a chance to have a really special summer with a really special team if he continues to play with the effort he showed on Saturday. 

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