It is another crazy hectic day in the Phenom Hoops universe, big S/O to NBA Champ David West for coming through the building today with his talented Garner Road 16U Squad featuring UNC Commit Day’ron Sharpe.  Let’s take a look at some of the afternoon standouts from today’s action.

6’9 2020 Day’Ron Sharpe: Garner Road/South Central High School (UNC Verbal Commit)

As good as advertised is what rang through my brain (or whatever is between my ears) throughout Sharpe’s one and only game here this weekend.  He’s just got that classic old school big feel to him, basically unstoppable in the paint throughout this one, he has excellent touch inside of 14 feet and is tirelessly working to expand that range and it shows as he gets more comfortable on the perimeter.  He has an INCREDIBLE frame, super solid from top to bottom and he knows how to use it on the block and when he’s boxing out on the glass.  He knows how to play the game, never trying to do too much despite being the highest profile player on his team.  Look for Sharpe to star on the Adidas Circuit throughout July and then as the centerpiece on an absolutely loaded South Central Team that has to be one of the 3 biggest contenders for the 4A state title next season.

5’10 2022 Jacob Newman: Team Loaded 2022

Newman possesses an ability to play at a pace literally too fast for his competition, constantly pushing the break and always looking for teammates leading to easy buckets for an incredibly talented Team Loaded group.  He’s always looking to make something happen and has really settled in to a leadership role as the head honcho for this group at the Point Guard Position.  With an incredible first step, Newman blows by most defenders his age, I’m really intrigued to see if his production translates to the high school level, I have almost zero doubt it will, the kind of athletic gifts he possesses don’t come around too often.

5’10 2023 Trey Green: Team Loaded 2022

Green is another piece from that remarkable Loaded 2022 squad and he deserves plenty of praise in his own right.  He is always in total control with a basketball mind beyond his years that some high school kids wish they had.  He’s on a different wavelength mentally from the competition to go with being an incredibly talented player.  He’s got a swaggy handle, a smooth jumper, and defends at a high level.  Considering the fact he’s so young I don’t want to overshoot what he might become, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be an impact player in the HoopState for years to come.

6’5 2020 Jamarhi Harvey: Team Loaded

After a recent reclassification down to 2020 Jamarhi Harvey has picked up exactly where he left off as a clear cut bonafide division one lead guard.  At 6’5 his ability to defend multiple positions and play on or off the ball is what stands out most about his skillset.  He’s simply one of the best all around guard’s in the state of North Carolina and expect him to have a major recruiting spike now that he’s a part of the 2020 class.  He is simply excellent when it comes to handling the ball in the pick and roll, knowing when to attack, pull up for the jumper, or dish to the rolling big man.  He’s simply a savant in Loaded’s offense.

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