The past weekend, Phenom Hoops hosted our annual Team Camp in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Between the individual talent, collection of teams, and overall competition, there were a lot of meaningful takeaways. College coaches were in attendance from start to finish, and several players made lasting impressions with their play. This article will take a closer look at five prospects who are deserving of increased attention from college coaches…

6’3 ’25 Cam Flippen (The Burlington School)

Although King Gibson will often receive most of the headlines for this group, it’s safe to say that Flippen has definitely asserted himself as an obvious target for scholarship-level coaches. For starters, he’s consistently one of the best defenders and toughest overall players in every gym he enters. Given their new-look structure, Flippen shines as a primary creator and tone-setter on both ends of the floor. He’s a patient playmaker who understands how to probe the defense, make intelligent reads, and score within the flow of the action. Flippen attacks the basket and finishes well through contact, but also made jumpers at a reliable rate. He’s a pure dawg with the necessary IQ, skill, and unselfishness to run a team while shining as a leader.

6’6 ’25 Owen Wacker (Ardrey Kell)

It feels like the Knights always have college-level prospects within their roster, and Wacker clearly fits that bill. At 6-foot-6, he’s a mobile forward/post player with a high motor and strong interior presence on both ends of the floor. Wacker plays with phenomenal energy, specifically on the glass, and naturally outworks opponents for rebounds. He displays touch with either hand but doesn’t necessarily require touches to make an impact. Between his defensive activity, rebounding presence, and ability to fill in the gaps offensively, it’s surprising that he doesn’t already have next-level opportunities. However, that’ll likely change sooner than later, as Wacker would be an asset for a lot of different schools.

6’3 ’25 Kaleb Evans (Lexington)

While Evans has more offers than everyone listed, it still feels like he should be receiving more attention from college coaches. His most recent offer (Charlotte) came last October, but it feels like he’s destined to earn several more over the coming months. Evans is a dynamic athlete with the feel, polish, and creation skills to make a ton of impressive plays with the ball in his hands. He consistently broke down opponents and showed a willingness to set up others. However, Evans was arguably at his best when creating his own looks and applying scoring pressure in a variety of ways. He’s also a useful rebounder and defender with the necessary instincts to force turnovers at a solid rate. Evans should have a highly productive senior season.

6’3 ’25 Jerome Lowery (Charlotte Country Day)

After getting our first look at this squad, it’s clear that Lowery is poised to be a leader for this group. Though he showcased a fairly well-rounded array of offensive abilities, he made a lasting impression with his motor, toughness, and defensive prowess. Lowery dictated the offense well, applying constant downhill pressure and making plays with the ball in his hands. He displayed solid vision and the ability to play through contact as a finisher. Expect him to start receiving attention from college coaches over the coming months.  

6’7 ’25 Dyjon Carver (Trinity Christian)

Given the constant need for big men, Carver should appeal to a variety of different programs at the next level. He’s a fluid, mobile athlete with excellent length and a blossoming skillset. Carver already finds a lot of success through rebounding, altering shots, and running the floor in transition. He finishes well around the basket and shows a willingness to make hustle plays. Between his current ability and clear upside, he should be a target for various types of programs.

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