What a great day of basketball. The games were competitive, the crowd was into it, coaches were in the stands, and the players showed out. Here were some of the standouts from the Phenom Summer Jam

2016 Class

6’4 Trejon Jacob (Millbrook)
Jacob, a smooth lefty, is an alum of the prestigious NC Top 80. His game continues to get better and better as the Summer goes on. He has great touch, with deep range off the catch. In transition he has a crafty body, and explosion to finish above the rim. Two very under rated aspects of his game are his ability to pass and his ability to defend. Look for this recruitment to explode with D1 offers.

6’6 Jovontae Milner (Cummings)
Milner is a man amongst boys on the court. A natural wing, Milner plays point guard for his high school team. From the lead guard position Milner averaged 21 points, 14 boards, 6 assists, 5 steals, and 3 blocks per game. More importantly Milner also got his team three (3) wins. Milner is already D1 qualified. With no offers currently, look for that to change quickly. He will be playing with the Brand X AAU program.

6’8 Malik Brevard (Olympic)
At this time, last year, Brevard was a 6’6 undersized four. He has since grown two inches and is now a highly explosive mis match. Brevard is great in transition and the short corner, throwing down monster dunks. He is also able to spread the floor in the half court and attack off the bounce or knock down perimeter jump shots. Lots of upside to like here.

6’8 Keyon Wesley (Rocky River)
Wesley has been a revelation over the past year. He plays small minutes for a Team Loaded North Carolina 16U team. However, when paired with his Rocky River High School team, his confidence exploded. Wesley was scoring all over the court, with consistency. A long perimeter four, Wesley has added about 15 pounds of weight, and is still growing. A lot to like for the future here.

6’5 Faison Brock (Millbrook)
Nothing about Brock’s game is flashy however, everything his does is geared toward winning. Blessed with a 6’10 wing span, Brock racks up hustle stats throughout the course of every game. During this event, while he scored 10 points per game, he also averaged 9 boards, 6 steals, 5 blocks, and countless deflections. He is a game changing defender, who can also score when called on.

5’10 Chance Green (Voyager)
There is something about the way Green plays, he has control of the game when the ball is in his hands. Green was able to get where he wanted on the court, and even drew opposing teams to face guard him full court. Green has deep range with a quick release that saw him knock down eight (8) threes in his first game (EIGHT!). Far from a one trick pony, Green put on a great showing of how to run a team. Watch for this one, he passes the play test with flying colors.

6’5 Jacob Thomas (Roxboro Community)
Not much was known about Thomas coming in, but that quickly changed as he dropped 35 points in his second game. Thomas is a sturdily built power forward, who excels in rebounding and in the mid-range. He moves smartly off the ball, and always seems to find himself open fifteen (15) feet from the basket. A great outing for him.

6’5 Trey Carver (Northeastern)
The first thing you notice about Carver is his frame. He has a very sturdy build that looks more like a football player than a basketball guy. Once you watch him play, you realize he is in the right place. Carver is a vocal defender, strong rebounder, and shot maker with range. He carries four (4) D1 offers, but look for that list to grow as he is a great team mate.

6’10 Mac Brydon (Carmel Christian)
You quickly notice Brydon on the court, and typically the first thing one says is “Where is he going for football'” Brydon is a big boy, however football is not in his cards. He has been out with a concussion and plantar fasciitis issues since January, so this was his first action. He played well, rebounded well, posted hard, showed touch over both shoulders, and passed the daylights out of the ball. Academic schools need to watch here.

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