Phenom Hoops headed down to Dorman high school, a powerhouse program that has brought home titles after titles, and is also coming off their best season in program history! Now, with several of those names now gone to the next level, Dorman looks to reload with the next round of talent, as we dive into what we saw.

Rising Star: 2022 6’10 Noah Clowney

Clowney has grown and got even stronger as a prospect since we saw him last year.  And this young man is going to be a high-major prospect for several coaches and could be one of the best bigs this program has had, which is saying something.  Clowney moves incredibly well on the floor, running the floor, and showing he is an athletic big.  He has tremendous touch around the rim, rebounds strong on both ends, and also brings the blend of power in the paint.  Absolutely loved what we saw from this young man and he is going to be a top target in the 2022 class.

Stepping into the spotlight: 2022 6’6 Jordyn Surratt and 2021 5’10 Jalen Breazeale

It is Surratt’s time to shine for this team.  He has the rings and got a chance to learn from some of the best in the program but now, it is his time and he looks ready for the moment.  Surratt is a 6’6 wing prospect that brings tremendous athleticism and versatility to the floor, aggressively attacking defenses, finishing strong and with bounce, while also showing an improved shot from the perimeter.  He looks like he now understands that it his time to lead. 

Breazeale was a starter last year for Dorman and a critical piece.  Now, he will be counted on as a leader for this program.  The 5’10 point guard is the straw that stirs the drink, showing he can create for himself or others off the dribble, find his teammates, and can score from multiple areas.  Breazeale will also be counted on to be the vocal leader for this team and he has the experience to do so.

Players looking to produce: 2021 6’8 Earl Burgess and 2021 6’4 Dessie Canty

Canty is a new name to the program and one that will be interesting to watch how he finds his role with this team. He has good size, is athletic, and really excels with his ability to get downhill and attack defenses.  It is where Canty finds the most success, as well as being a good defender.  Burgess is another player that has been in the program and will be a key piece, especially with his size and touch/feel in the paint.  He also will be one that will help get on the boards as well.

Role Players: 2022 Ryan Hawkins and 2021 Davison Wright

Hawkins is a 6’4 do-it-all, tough-minded prospect that will provide depth.  He rebounds, plays defense, and plays unselfishly on the court, really be a solid contributor and one that can bring positive minutes.  Wright is a strong guard that gets after it on both sides.  He is a good defender and can create havoc for opponents, while also bringing energy offensively and making the right reads.

New Names to Watch:

2023 6’5 Jamarcus Wilkins: Wilkins is a young, developing prospect that moves well and has some flashes.  But he is still young and is going to be working on his game, as he could be name down the road.

2023 Jordan Miller: A true point guard that has that team-mentality.  He creates and looks for his teammates, playing unselfish basketball.

2023 Chase Harris: Harris is a young guard that played really well and found his offensive game.  He scored from behind the arc and showed quickness/craft in getting to the rim.  He made tremendous, easy plays, while also getting to his spot. 

2023 Terry Leonard: Just another guard for the future.  He has a solid shot and can create for himself.  Active on both ends and one that the staff is looking forward to down the road.

2024 6’4 Tahmar Mann: Another new name to the program and the youngest, but Mann already stands at 6’4 and has a nice, high-arching shot that is soft on the rim. 

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