Hill Academy Vs Mountain Mission

Hill Academy
Brantford, Ontario (Canada)

Hill Academy is in its infancy, as a program, but has brought together some experienced basketball minds who have a cause to enhance the basketball landscape of the area. They immediately jump into a national schedule, playing some of the best teams around the US and Canada.

The Name
6’8” Senior Justin Jackson (UNLV)

Jackson has a unique skill set, blessed with a very long frame. He sees the floor very well, rebounds his position, and defends multiple areas on the floor. This summer for Canada Elite he averaged 11 points, 6 boards, 2 assists, 1.5 steals, and 1.5 blocks. Jackson is ranked as a consensus Top 40 player in the country.

The Committed
6’5” Senior Marquell Fraser (VCU)

Fraser has a versatile skill set that allows him to line up at multiple positions along the perimeter. Fraser has a bullish handle on the ball and gets into the lane often. Fraser rebounds well, makes a living at the free throw line. To add some added punch to this match up, Fraser played his sophomore year at Mountain Mission. Along the way, Fraser picked up offers from the likes of Depaul, Charlotte, Memphis, Georgia Tech and others.

The Young Upside
6’9” Sophomore Brandon John

John is a very long and athletic forward. He runs very well, he is active in and around the paint, and he finishes high above the rim. Though slender, there is a lot to like with this forward now, and moving ahead.

The Dog PG
6’0 Senior Godwin Boahen

Boahen played at St Louis Christian last year, and in the Phenom National Showcase. Boahen is a tough minded point guard that has a high GPA and plays with an aggressive style on both ends of the floor. Boahen currently has offers from Niagara and Eastern Kentucky. Look for him to pick up some more, with possibly Ivy League and MEAC schools coming into play as well.

The Bloodlines
6’4” Sophomore Deon Ejim

If you have been around college basketball over the last few years, you know the name Melvin Ejim. Ejim played at Iowa St and is currently on the Toronto Raptors D-League team. Well Ejim’s brother Deon plays at Hill Academy. Deon has the same power wing type of game, in the mold of his brother. While young, Ejim will be interesting to watch his brother was over looked, don’t expect Deon to be.


Mountain Mission
Grundy, Va

This is Head Coach Pawel Mrozik’s third season at Mountain Mission, he was previously at Valparaiso. While Mountain Mission had a basketball program, Mrozik has taken the program to a national level. Last year, Mountain Mission sent a player to George Mason and one to Liberty. Their roster is comprised of a team full of 12 players, all foreign. Mountain Mission is a school that is fully funded to takes in rescued kids, from desperate situations, from across the world, and allow them an equal opportunity.

The Man
6’11” Senior Maciej Bender (West Virginia)

Bender is highly skilled European forward. He puts the ball on the floor, shoots with range, has great footwork in the post, and passes the ball extremely well. Though battling various injuries over the past year, Bender first made his name at the Virginia Top 80. Look for him to break in to Top 100 rankings this season.

Elite Rim Protector
6’10” Jethro Tshisumpa (Arizona State)

There may not be a better rim protector in the country than Tshisumpa. He broke out at the Virginia Top 80, further showed his ability at the NBA Top 100 Camp, and solidified his Top 100 national ranking with committing to the Pac 12s Arizona State. Tshisumpa, is very long, he is very strong, and he is very explosive.

The Dog PG
5’11” Senior Keshon Montague

Montague is a tough nosed point guard that sets the tone on both ends. He is a vocal defender and has a tight handle in the half court. Montague played this summer on the Adidas Gauntlet with UPlay Canada (many of his team mates play for Hill Academy). He carries an offer from Central Connecticut State. Look for that list to rise, there is a lot to like with this one.

Under Recruited HM Wing
6’5” Senior Harold Baruti

Baruti is a high flyer, he can get off the floor…always has been able to. Now instead of athletic stretch four, he has worked himself into a true wing. Baruti defends with a purpose, he makes shots with range, and really gets out and finishes with authority in transition. He carries offers from UNC Wilmington and SMU and expect to see more coming to him in that range of schools. His ceiling his high.

Skilled Forward
6’8” Senior Jakob Mijakowski

Jakub, or Kuba as he is known to his team mates, is a sharp shooting forward. He has range that expands well beyond the arc, and he has a quick release. He is a good athlete and battles hard in the paint. Mijakowski first made his name at the Virginia Top 80 and has since picked up offers from Grand Canyon, Bucknell, Albany, East Tennessee St, Fairfield, and Maryland Baltimore County.

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