Christ School Vs 22 Feet Academy

Some very intriguing match ups here. Both schools have extremely talented rosters. Christ School has produced several D1 players over the past 10 years, as well as winning 3 state titles. However, they are now under a new regime. 22 Feet Academy is a newer school ready to make its name. Again, both rosters have a lot of talent

Matchups to Watch
John Fulkerson Vs Sedee Keita
Both players made commitments to SEC schools last week as Fulkerson committed to Tennessee and Keita to South Carolina. Fulkerson is a skilled lefty with length and explosion. Keita is a powerful forward with skill and strength. This game will be interesting, also one that SEC players should look forward to for 4 years to come.

Marquis Godwin Vs Eli Wright
Godwin is a 6’5” junior shooting guard, who has a smooth feel and is rated as a consensus Top 150 prospect. He has 10 offers from the likes of Richmond, Old Dominion, Rice, etc…Eli Wright is a 6’4” senior lefty wing, who is a consensus Top 100 prospect. He is committed to Mississippi State. This is a match up that could really solidify players national perspective.

Christ School
Arden, North Carolina

Players to Watch
6’9” Senior John Fulkerson (Tennessee)

Fulkerson carries a 7’2” wing span on a very bouncy frame. The slender lefty can shoot the ball on the perimeter or attack the rim off the bounce. He also is a very good weak side shot blocker and is known to finish above the rim with power. Already a Top 100 type talent, there is more upside to go here.

6’5” Junior Marquis Godwin
Godwin is a smooth scorer with great size and a good feel for the game. He scores the ball off the catch and off the bounce, but what is so evident each time he takes the floor is his IQ. His movements have purpose, his dribbles are for a reason. While he carries offers in the Conference USA and A10 level, look for more ACC and Big 10 looks to come.

6’6” Junior Jacob Connerly
Connerly is the junk yard dog in the group. He has a wing span approaching 7 feet and explosion that keeps him above the rim. Connerly is a terror on the defensive end of the court, guarding multiple positions and earning a ton of deflections. He is a sleeper name that not many know, but look for D1 school to start taking notice, maybe as soon as this weekend.

6’ Junior Matt Halvorson
Halvorson is a shooter, an old fashioned gun slinger. He has deep range and the utmost confidence in himself. Halvorson plays the game with a high IQ and will have some games with out of this world production.

6’8” Junior Morgan McKay
McKay has great size and touch to spread the floor from the power forward position. When he is playing with confidence, he makes shots and rebounds his position

22 Feet Academy
Greenville, South Carolina

Players to Watch
6’9” Senior Sedee Keita (South Carolina)
Keita is a high upside forward that possesses all the natural physical tools. He has a strong frame, with good length, and natural athleticism. Keita has touch out to the perimeter, but is at his best in the high post. He rebounds well and can end up a very good post defender. Keita is ranked as a Top 75 prospect, however he does have the upside for more.

6’4” Senior Eli Wright (Mississippi St)
Wright is an athletic lefty, who has developed good touch with range. He likes to get downhill, but is able to extend beyond the 3 point arc off the catch. Wright is also a very good passer, from the wing. He is ranked as a Top 100 player and could take a step if shows consistency in this event.

6’7” Senior Darius Hicks
Hicks is a very strong and explosive forward. He is very strong, very explosive, and when engaged plays well above the rim. Hicks, an alum of the prestigious South Carolina Top 80, can step out and knock down a shot and is able to put it on the deck however, he is at his best around 10 feet. Hicks, a former Mississippi St commit, has offers from Providence, Georgia Tech, UMass, and others. He is a Top 150 type talent, and his offer sheet should continue to grow.

6’6” Junior Max Hoekstra
Hoekstra, who is originally from Holland, is a sharpshooting wing. He rebounds the ball well and also shoots it with deep range. Hoekstra, an alum of the prestigious South Carolina Top 80, can put it on the floor to attack the rim, and when he is playing confidently he can ring up numbers quickly. When watching with a D1 coach, they stated that Hoekstra will make money one day playing basketball. A lot to like here, moving forward.

6’7” Senior Justin Miller
Miller won the state championship last year in Kentucky tipping the scales around 300 pounds. The very skilled lefty is now at 240 pounds and moving around a lot better. He is a high post, mis match type of forward who carries offers from South Carolina State and Eastern Kentucky. Those leagues feel right.

6’3” Senior Clifton Powell, Jr.
Powell, an alum of the prestigious South Carolina Top 80, is a highly athletic guard. He has a quick first step that lands him in the lane often and he has a confidence and pace on the ball. Powell, a California native, has offers from Tulsa and Cal State Northridge. There is a lot to like in his game.

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