Tripp Greene
6’2” Sophomore Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC)

Tripp Greene so graciously announced himself as, not only the leader of his team, but a division 1 prospect.

If you have been reading Phenom Hoops for any period of time, you are sure to have read the name Tripp Greene. He has been coming to NC Phenom 150 camps for 4+ years, his Team United AAU team has come to multiple AAU events, heck Greene even trained with Rick in his drive-way (LMD).

Last year, in this same event, Greene started for his varsity team. He was able to impact with his hustle, but he was just not ready for the lime light. This year, Forsyth Country Day will be Greene’s team.

In both games played, both wins, Greene was voted on as his team’s MVP. He averaged 17 points, 4 assists, and 4 steals per game. The buzz around the sidelines was likening him to former Ohio State guard Aaron Craft. That comparison isn’t far from being off.

Greene, an alum of the prestigious North Carolina Top 80, is a pesky on ball defender. He combines quick hands and anticipation with straight up heart. He enjoys defending 94 feet, and exploits any type of confidence issues his opponent may have.

On offense, Greene switches off between the point and shooting guards. He has solid, but not quite knock down, range. He has solid, but not quick ball on a string, handle. But what he possesses is natural leadership and a toughness that oozes from his game.

It’s still early, so Greene has yet to pick up any recruitment. However, that could change as early as this season. He is a high productive, “yes sir”, high academic kid, whose game is on a steep uphill climb. What is there not to like'

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