Phenom Hoops presents 2015 Millbrook Showcase
Neuse Christian Vs Garner
6 PM on December 5 at Millbrook High School

Neuse Christian plays with a wide open spread the floor style of offense. It is conducive to a lot of points and they have the personnel to execute and score a lot of points. Garner is the defended NCHSAA 4A State Champion. They return experience and talented guards, who still play with a chip on their shoulder.

A lot of these players grew up playing on the same AAU teams, and they all know each other. This one should be a good show and there will be no love lost in the match up for bragging rights.

Players to Watch
Neuse Christian
6’5” 2017 Kaleb Hunter

The left-handed Hunter is supremely athletic and carries a quick first step, getting downhill. He plays within the flow of the offense and puts up great numbers. He carries offers from East Carolina, Charlotte, UNC G, and others. Look for more to come, he is electric.

6’5” 2017 DJ Myers
Myers carries offers from UNCG and Western Carolina. The lengthy wing is a very adept scorer and carries good explosion. He utilizes the pull up jump shot well and defends the wing. Look for his start to continue rising and more offers to come in.

5’10” 2018 Maurice Wilcox
Wilcox is tough, Wilcox is confident, and Wilcox can flat out shoot the ball with deep range. Look for Wilcox to go through multiple stretches of hot shooting.

6’1” 2017 Thomas Allen

Allen is a prolific scorer. He is confident beyond his years and should look to average north of 20 points per game this year. Allen is transitioning over to the point, where he has the handle and half court acumen to run a team, however Allen can flat score the ball. He carries offers form North Dakota and Longwood. Expect this list to continue growing.

6’4” 2017 Alex Reed
Reed is a unique talent. He is very strong and also very skilled. A leader of the team, look for Garner to stretch the floor with Reed at the 4. He defends with purpose, makes shots, and (in certain instances) is able to get the team into sets.

6’4” 2018 Kenyon Burt
Burt is a strong kid. He plays tight to the basket and makes his mark rebounding the ball. Burt is relentless in pursuit of corralling the loose ball. He will average over 10 boards per game as an undersized post man, and should finish well around the basket.

Matchups to Watch
Thomas Allen Vs DJ Myers

AAU team mates, both players carry early D1 offers. Both players are wings and natural scorers. Allen has a good handle and a confident stroke from the mid-range extended out to the arc. The lengthy Myers is best getting downhill and excels in the pull up game. Expect both players to put up big numbers, expect both players to pick up many more offers, and expect both players to put their mark on this game.

Kaleb Hunter Vs Alex Reed
Hunter is an elite level athlete. The lefty gets downhill with a quick first step, and as he gets going he looks to finish everything above the rim. Reed is a gritty power wing. He plays with pace and takes defense personally. Hunter carries offers from East Carolina, Charlotte, and others. Reed will look to start getting offers as early as this week. Both of these players are different types, but they are team leaders, and should be matched with one another.

Garner Defense Vs Neuse Christian Shooters
You cannot allow Neuse Christian to get hot from behind the line. They have players such as 6’7” 2016 Matt Kalaf, 6’3” 2016 Alan Clarke, and 5’10” 2018 Maurice Wilcox who can each get hot and look to get hot from very deep. Garner is full of tough minded guards who will get in your face and defend you. If Neuse Christian gets hot, watch out they could put up huge numbers. If Garner can temper the deep shooting, they should be able to pull out a victory.

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