Terry Sanford Vs Village Christian
430 PM on December 5 at Millbrook High School

This match up will be very interesting. One of Fayetteville’s better Private schools versus one of Fayetteville’s better Public schools. Village Christian has made it to the NCISAA 2A State Playoffs Final 8 the last couple years. Terry Sanford is the reigning NCHSAA 3A State Champion.

Village Christian lost 4 starters off of last year’s team, but have reloaded with a potentially better and more versatile team. Terry Sanford lost leading scorer Mark Gilbert (who graduated early as a Duke football signee), however return all other major contributors off last year’s team.

These kids know each other, they grew up together, and there will be no love lost in this battle.

Players to Watch
Terry Sanford (Fayetteville, NC)
6’1” 2018 Malik Johnson

Johnson has as much natural ability as any point guard in the state. He is now learning how to play the game. When it comes together for him, watch out! This one is supremely talented with big upside. He finished with 10 points in the team’s season opener.

6’3” 2017 Telligence Johnson
Johnson has a great frame and high level explosion. Already a very good perimeter defender, the game is slowing down for him offensively. He attacks from the wing, finishes with contact and has a solid pull up game. Last season, in a supporting role, Johnson averaged 10 points and 6 boards per game.

6’ 2016 Justin King
The high academic King is the steadying force in the back court for the reigning state champions. He make shots with range, he cares for the ball, and has solid athleticism. King scored 27 in the team’s season opener. He is a leader, he is the leader.

Village Christian
6’7” 2016 Nassyr Daniels

Daniels is a unique prospect. The lengthy big has a slow-down game that is predicated around touch and timing. He plays his role on this team, as the wings do a lot of the scoring. Daniels boards and blocks shots at a high level. The lefty seems to be in the right place often, he has good footwork, and stays in his comfort zone, 10 feet from the rim. Produtive, he’s averaging 9.5 Boards and 4 Blocks per game.

5’11” 2017 Jordan Ratliffe
Ratliffe is an explosive, scoring lead guard. He has a lightning quick first step and plays with the utmost confidence. Ratliffe defends with quick hands and anticipation. He will most likely lead the team in scoring as he is putting up 15 per game to this point.

6’4” 2017 Jarvez Ellis
Ellis is a lengthy wing with good athleticism. With this, he has some versatility on the defensive end. Ellis plays best when the game opens up and he is able to stretch his legs. He is averaging 13 points per game early this season.

Matchup to Watch
Jordan Ratliffe Vs Malik Johnson

Both of these lead guards play with confidence and swag. Both guys are quick, both guys can score the ball, and both guys will be talking. This match up should provide a lot of fireworks and plays worthy of the mix tapes to be all over. Fans, scouts, and colleges alike will want to be in the gym to watch these two go head to head.

Jarvez Ellis Vs Telligence Johnson
Each of these wings are very athletic with good length and developing wing games. Both guys defend tough, Johnson is more advanced offensively and Ellis is longer are creates more havoc defensively. Each player will have at least one momentum changing play in the game, keep your eyes open.

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