#31 Jaden Smith

Jaden had flashes of promise at the Phenom 150. He excelled in some areas such as release time, shooting mechanics, and quickness, while giving max effort throughout the game. Didn’t have a great shooting day from the floor but you could see that the form and mechanics were there.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team Play, Release Time, Shooting Mechanics, Quickness

#39 Samir Patel

“Samir showed a great attitude towards the game. He was moved to my team late but I wish I had him from the start. Has the makings of a true point guard and is very smart with the ball in his hand. He also shot the ball very well,” Coach Doughty said. Patel was tremendous at the guard position, playing team basketball, and really getting into the lane. He also had great vision and court sense, hitting his passes on the mark and getting his teammates involved.

Areas of Excellence: Team Play, Attitude, penetration ability, passing skills, vision and court sense, release time


#72 Chase Forte

Forte was a tough minded kid that never gave up, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He shows that he has a high basketball IQ and just needs to develop his overall game and be patient while on the court. He did show that he could finish at the rim, even with his size and with more overall on his game, he could be one that would make a program happy.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team Play, quickness, footwork, range of shot (3pt), catch and shoot


#120 Nate Myers

This young man shows that he knows how to play the game but at times, didn’t show and seemed a little timid. We can see the potential there in his game, as he showed that he has a nice shot and shooting mechanics, while also playing hard on defense and in other areas. Just want him to show the rest of the people what he can do.

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, Effort, Team play, passing skills, transition defense, quickness, footwork, rebounding, moving without the ball


#132 Tre Doughty

Doughty didn’t have the best day shooting the ball, but when a player is off, the next best thing is to get your teammates involved, always putting his teammates before him. We know he can shoot the ball, but he showed that he can do so much more on the court. He was able to use his speed and vision to get into the open court and finish at the rim when he could.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, Team Play, basket to the basket moves, use of off hand, penetration ability, ball handling, passing skills, defense, quickness, footwork, vision and court sense


#141 Alston Norwood

Alston moved well without the ball and when he does have the ball in his hands, he understands what is a good shot and what isn’t. He doesn’t force anything and lets the game come to him. He displayed a high basketball IQ that day, while also showing that he could defend, finish at the rim, and knock down the open shot.

Areas of Excellence: Effort, team play, range of shot (3pt), release time, defense on and off the ball, moving without the ball


#173 Josiah Jenkins

“Josiah to me had a very complete game and can do a little bit of everything on the court, and he does it well. Scottie Pippen type player and is a stat sheet filler. I don’t say that too often about players but Josiah certainly displayed today. He was a fearless competitor all day.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, effort, team play, penetration ability, ability to finish, transition defense, quickness, footwork, rebounding


#212 Justin Dula

Justin showed what an athlete he is on the court, as he was able to get high in the air and show what he could do; very quick off his feet. He has a unique way of shooting the ball but it seems to work very well for him. He is very quick with or without the ball in his hand and is a very exceptional guard. Want to see him work on help defense though, but overall, Justin had a successful day.

Areas of Excellence: attitude, effort, team play, ability to finish, quickness, footwork, range of shot, ball handling


#226 Omar Mohtady

“Omar showed great court awareness. He followed instructions very well and has a great attitude towards the game; he also was very coachable, something that many programs look for. He has very nice handles and knows how to use his body to finish at the rim. He also showed that he has soft hands around the basket.”

Areas of Excellence: attitude, effort, ability to finish, quickness, range of shot, shooting off the dribble, use of off hand, ball handling, footwork, vision


#240 JP Moorman

“JP looked like a man among boys when he was on the court at times. Has a very good motor and is a team player. He showed that he is a tough competitor and man, can this young man dunk like a pro athlete. I know people talk about a player with upside but with JP, that is certainly true with him. He showed that he could knock down the three point shot with ease and was so effective finishing around the basket. He was one of the top players at the camp.”

Areas of Excellence: Attitude, effort, team play, range of shot, back to the basket moves, ability to finish, penetration ability, defense on and off the ball, quickness, footwork, rebounding.

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