#44 6’4” 2017 Elijah Joyner of Ragsdale High School (Jamestown, NC)
Turner showed the ability to affect the game on both ends of the floor. He rebounded the ball well and showed the ability to push the break, under control. Turner’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Elijah has great instinct for knowing where the ball will come from and got big defensive stops when his team needed them.” We liked Joyner’s ability as a complete team player.

#53 5’7” 2018 Jalen Bynum of Cox Mill High School (Huntersville, NC)
Bynum has a great attitude. He was able to keep his team mates involved and he played with good emotion. Bynum showed a quickness in getting to the rim, in half court situations, as well as in transition. Bynum’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated,“Jalen plays great defense and is able to make some tough plays at the basket. Great job today.”

#76 5’9” 2016 Damion Bobbitt of Northern Vance (Henderson, NC)
Bobbitt is a tough player who gives great effort on every possession. He plays equally hard on both ends of the floor and is a relentless defender who tends to be in the right spot at the right time. Bobbitt’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Damion puts the team before self and does what it takes to win. He uses his quickness to ensure he is in proper position to make the play.”

#85 5’10” 2019 Will Riggs of Carborro High School (Chapel Hill, NC)
The first thing you notice about Riggs is that he will make the right play every time. Riggs’ camp coach Grant Hodges stated,“Will will never try to do too much. He kept a team-first attitude throughout the entire camp. He does all the little things a team needs to win.” We like Riggs ability to deliver passes into the shooting pocket.

#97 5’11” 2017 Dylan Zagurski of Eastern Guilford (McLeansville, NC)
Zagurski is a tough, hard-nosed player who has the ability to really shoot the basketball with deep range. Zagurski plays extremely hard, as he dives on the floor, winning a majority of 50/50 balls. Zagurski’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Dylan is a great kid to coach. When he catches the ball, open, he will knock down the shot.” We like Zagurski’s ability to move off the ball, making himself available to the passer.

#115 6’ 2019 William Taylor of Hough High School (Davidson, NC)
Taylor never takes a play off, he plays hard and tries to do everything he can to win. He cares for all the little things in the game. Taylor’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “William is a team first player, who plays the right way. He is a very good rebounder from the guard position and makes the correct pass on offense.”

#146 6’1” 2018 Jaylen Johnson of Christian Academy (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Johnson is a very physical guard who is able to get to the basket in a variety of ways. He is also a player that takes pride in his defense from beginning to end, using strength and quick feet. Johnson’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Jaylen uses his size and strength to his advantage. He is a very good defender and he is able to make the tough play at the rim and he can knock down shots with range.”

#170 6’2” 2018 Jordan Love of Voyager Academy (Durham, NC)
Love is an all-out motor guy, he gets up and down the floor very quickly and with purpose. Love is a good rebounder and he attacks the rim, where he is able to use both hands around the basket. Love’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Jordan makes great defensive stops in transition. He runs the floor well on offense, keeping great spacing and making himself available for the finish.”

#196 6’3” 2018 Derek Brandon of New Garden Friends School (Greensboro, NC)
Brandon had a very good day, using good size and a very athletic frame. He has a quick first step that allows him to get in the paint when he wants. He is able to finish tough shots in the half court set as well as in transition. Brandon’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Derek uses his quickness and length well defensively and he has good size and athletic ability offensively. He is a tough match up for opposing defenses.” Place Brandon in your SIM Card, he will enter our rankings and is a prospect to watch.

#230 6’6” 2016 China Jones of Voyager Academy (Durham, NC)
Jones played throughout the day with great energy, he showed a tremendous ability to finish the ball around the rim. Jones has good length and is a very good athlete, which he uses on both ends of the floor. Jones’ camp coach Grant Hodges stated,“China plays with great energy, he understands floor spacing, moves well without the ball, and finishes well around the rim.”Jones should be seeing his recruitment pick up from the appropriate level schools.

#243 6’7” 2016 Matt Kalaf of Neuse Christian (Raleigh, NC)
Simply put, Kalaf can shoot the basketball. He has great size that allows him to shoot over most defenders and he also possesses great range on his shot. Kalaf’s camp coach Grant Hodges stated, “Kalaf has a great understanding of the game, understanding how to get open and get his shot off. He is also able to score in a variety of ways.” Kalaf should be seeing his college recruitment pick up.

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