July is a big month for travel ball basketball, and Phenom Hoops will have plenty of talent on display for college coaches to come to check out. As of right now, here is a list of teams that will be on display in Raleigh (NC) from July 10-14 at the Raleigh Convention Center. This will updated continuously.

Wednesday: 6:00 pm -9:00 pm
Thursday-Friday: 12:00- 8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am- 8:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Raleigh Convention Center (20-courts under one roof)
500 South Salisbury Road
Raleigh, NC 27601

17u / 2025

919 Elite Hoops
ACE SD Elite Sanders
All Carolina
Basketpoint – Hooper
BBA Nets 17u Williams
BBA Nets 18U Marsh
Bigger Than Basketball 2025 National
BLESSED (OK) – Barnard
BLESSED (OK) – Warren
Brotherhood 2025
BSM Jennifer Black 17U
BSM Waka Flocka Flame 17U
Cap City Charlotte
Cap City Clutch
Capital City Pacers (17U)
Carolina Conquerors 17U
Carolina Flyers 2025
Carolina Hornets
Carolina Pressure 2025
Carolina Riptide 2025
Carolina Riptide Hickory 2025
Carolina Swarm Monk
CC Elite 2025
Charlotte NETS
Court Vision Elite (16U)
Drill Academy 17U
East Carolina Elite
East Coast Allstars 2025
Elite Game 17u
Footprint 2025
Georgia Ignites (17U)
Hickory Primetime
Hill City Crash NXT 17u
Horry Select 17u
Jahworkouts Select 17U
Knightdale Hustle
LRP Elite
Mid State Magic
Mint Hill Lakers Elite
NC Gaters East Red
NC Invasion
NC Rise Murray
NC Rise Pittman
NC Spartans Forest City (Steven Jones)
NC Spartans Henderson
NC Spartans Neisler
NC Spartans Patton
NC Spartans Vlazny
Next Level Elite Poole 17u
Next Level Elite Royal 17u
NLMB Elite
NLPB 2025 Senyo
NLPB Rodriguez
NLPB Sandhills 17U
Nxt LVL Kings 17u
Palmetto City Hurricanes 2025
Power Move Black US
PSB Elite Barnes 2025
PSB Elite Gravley 2025
R4A Scholars
Rizin Starz 2025
Rock United
Roots Rockin
Run The Citi
SQBA 2025
STARS Basketball Club Premier
Stars Gold
Strong Center 2025 Jones
Team Breakout Henderson
Team Breakout Wright
Team Copper (17U)
Team CP3 2026 EYBL
Team Curry East Kizer
Team Flex Elite
Team Gaters Black
Team Gaters Red
Team Loaded 704 Watkins
Team Raiders Alexander
Team Raiders Middleton
Team Raleigh
Team SBT
Team Slay 2025
Team Trezz 2025 Phillips
Team United 2027 EYBL
Team Unshakable
Team White HS
TNBASouth 2025 Cooper
TNBASouth 2025 Select
TNT HoopSquad NT 17u
TNTHoopSquad 2025 NT 17u
Toronto NuStep Black
Toronto NuStep Gold
Upward Stars Carolinas 2025
Upward Stars Columbia 17u
Upward Stars Columbia 2025
Upward Stars Pee Dee 2025
Vizion 2025
Warriors Elite
WBA Kinston
WBC Elite Aria Paris
Wellington Wolves Elite Glenn
Wildcats Elite 2025 Knight
Wolves Basketball (16U)

16u / 2026

ACE SD Elite Sawyer
ACE SD Elite Scriven
All Carolina
Apex Spurs Elite
Atlanta Strikers
BBA Nets 16U Headen
Bigger Than Basketball 2026
Cap City Charlotte
Carolina Factory
Carolina Pressure 2026
Carolina Pressure 2027
Carolina Riptide 2027
Carolina RISE – Carnegie
Carolina Sonics CSRA 2026
Carolina Tritons Elite 2026
CC Elite 2026 Ford
CC Elite 2027
CP3BA Select Carter
Durham Hurricanes 2026
Elite Game 16u
FBP Elite 2026
Fire Ball Basketball Academy NXT Pro 2026
Game Changers 2026
Georgia Ignites (16U)
Hill City Crash NXT 16u
Hoopers Paradise
Jahworkouts Select 16U
NC Rise Tibbs
NC Spartans Jones
NC Spartans Liles
NC Spartans Reece
Next Level Elite 2026
Next Level Elite Hunter 16u
NextGen Elite (16U)
Palmetto City Hurricanes 2026
PSB Elite Baldwin 2026
PSB Richmond Poindexter 2026
Save Sports 2027 Black (Dorsette)
Strictly Ballas Elite
Strong Center 2026 Ihle
Team Charleston
Team CP3 East 15u
Team Curry East Jackson
Team Dynamic 2026
Team Gaters Blue
Team Griggs 2026
Team KST White
Team Loaded 704 – Southern (16U)
Team Trezz 2026 Phillips
TNBASouth 2026 Benner
TNBASouth 2026 DOP
TNBASouth 2026 Teal
TNT HoopSquad 2026 GT
TNT HoopSquad 2026 RO
Triad Falcons 2026
Tru Elite
TSG Hoops
Twin Hoops 16u
Upward Stars Carolinas 2026
Upward Stars Pee Dee 2026
Upward Stars Upstate 2026 Dawkins
Virginia PRIDE (Blue) NXT
Virginia PRIDE (White)
WBC 2026
Wildcats Elite 2026 Ross

15u / 2027

7th Nation Warriors
ACE SD Elite Burns
BBA Nets 15U Marquez
Brotherhood 2027
BSM Bimmy Antney 15u
BSM Waka Flocka Flame 15U
Cap City Clutch 2027
Carolina Culture
Carolina Flyers 2027
Carolina RISE – Johns
Carolina Sonics CSRA 2027
Carolina Tritons Elite 2027
Columbus County Elite 2027
Drill Academy 15U
Durham Hurricanes 2027
FBP Elite 2027
Future Prep 2027 PRO16
Georgia Ignites (15U)
Hill City Crash NXT 15u
HYAA Elite 2027 Gray
HYAA Elite 2027 White
Mid State Magic
NC Gaters East Black
NC Invasion 2028
NC Raptors
Next Level Elite 2027
NLPB Sandhills 15U
PAL Stars 15U
Palmetto City Hurricanes 2027
PSB Raleigh Elite Tate
PSB Richmond Moore 2027
PUSH Panthers
Strong Center 2027 Kinard
Team Copper
Team Dynamic 2027
Team Raiders 2027
Team Tough 15U
Team Trezz 2027 Chase
TNT HoopSquad 2027 United
Toronto NuStep
Tru Elite
Upward Stars Columbia 2027
Upward Stars Pee Dee 2027
Upward Stars Upstate 2027 Brooks
WCBA 2027
Wildcats Elite 2027
OTM Grind

14u / 2028

Carolina Waves Elite (Chuang) 2028
FBP Elite 2028
NC Invasion 2028
WCBA 2028
Wellington Wolves 2028

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