Phenom Hoops LIVE Session 2

July 13-14, 2024
Raleigh Convention Center
Address: 500 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601

NCAA Live Event

Ages: 17u-14u
Cost: $525

Multi-Event Discount for Sessions 1 and 2

Event Description:

Phenom Hoops continues to bring the best events around the country, and we have several travel ball tournaments coming throughout the year, including this one.

Make sure you register today for the event, secure your spot, and earn elite exposure on the Phenom Hoops platform.


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Best Records from Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE

It was a great week of basketball for Phenom Hoops with the Summer Havoc LIVE, as teams from all over the country came to show out and capture the eyes of many. So many great teams were on display, and talent could be easily found at the event. Going back through some...

UNC, Duke enters the mix for 2026 Jordan Smith Jr.

Proving to be one of the top talents in the class of 2026, Jordan Smith Jr. continues to attract the eyes of some of the top programs around the country and that may have only hit another level with blue-bloods now entering the mix. Phenom Hoops wrote about Smith...

Player Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc (Part Two)

6’4 ’26 Neal Swindell (Team Swish) Between everything Neal Swindell brings to a team, it’s easy to see why he should appeal to college coaches. He’s easily one of the most malleable players in the state. So few guys are able to produce alongside any collection of...

Player Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc

6’7 ’26 Cutter Sisk (Tennessee Tigers) During the first two days of the event, our Patrick O’Brien took notice of Cutter Sisk and immediately relayed the message of him being a notable prospect. Upon further review, Sisk is definitely the real deal. He’s a big, sturdy...

College-Worthy Bigs from Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Part 2)

2025 6’7 Brennen Oldham (Rising Pros Training) Oldham is a 6’7 forward who is able to make his presence felt with his physical play, his activity, and playing with relentless energy.  At his size, he does a nice job in staying active and using his athleticism to his...

College-Worthy Bigs from Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Part 1)

2025 6’9 Nayte Spargo (Cap City Clutch) The 6’9 long prospect was an interesting one to learn about and watch, as he had a breakout-type game on Day 2 and earned more of our attention. Spargo has really good size but has the game that allows him to operate freely...

POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 2 at Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Night)

2025 6’3 Pierce Hargraves (Sixers Basketball) Hargraves may have had the shooting performance of the event, as he absolutely put on a clinic with his ability to knock down shots and his confidence from deep.  He has no hesitation in his ability to rise up from behind...

POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 2 at Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Afternoon)

2026 6’8 Benton Welker (Q6 All-Stars) Talking about new names to learn about, 2026 6’8 Benton Welker from Florida has been able to garner some more attention his way.  The blend of size and fluidity in his game brings a lot of intrigue, as he has a strong skillset,...

POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 2 at Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Morning)

2025 6’1 Beau Harvey (Rising Pros Training) It was great to watch Harvey back in action and he certainly produced for his team. When talking about his game, one has to see that this is a tough-as-nails type of player who embraces competition and makes strong plays....

POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 1 at Phenom Summer Havoc LIVE (Part 2)

2026 6’3 Drayton Cockfield (Carolina Pressure) Cockfield continues to be a newer name that impresses me. Though he started out slow, he got things going and continued to really flourish his versatility on the court. Posting up down low, finishing at the rim,...