Next weekend officially kicks off the beginning of our June Team Camps. Between the two separate sessions, there are a lot of noteworthy teams and players set to attend. These events are always a priority for college coaches, and this might truly be our best one in recent memory. Each day leading up to the competition, we will feature previews on various teams and highlight some of the key players from each roster. Let’s continue the series with a closer look at Reidsville High School…

6’8 ’26 Kendre Harrison

In the most complimentary way possible, it’s fair to say Harrison is an absolute freak in terms of physical tools. His combination of size, strength, mobility, and explosiveness is unbelievably rare. Add in his aggression and raw power, and Harrison is a nightmare matchup for seemingly all opponents. He’s a dominant interior presence who consistently controls the glass and anchors the paint defensively. He protects the rim extremely well, naturally instilling fear in the eyes of penetrating guards before inevitably blocking or altering countless shot attempts. Harrison scores basically everything around the basket and absorbs contact so effortlessly that he’s able to finish through high levels of contact. He passes well for his size and runs the floor effectively in transition.

5’9 ’26 Dionte Neal

Easily one of the most dynamic floor generals in the state, Neal is a natural leader and team-oriented guy who simply knows how to run a team. His IQ, quickness, and two-way presence allows him to regularly dictate the flow of the game. Neal scores from all levels, yet touches the paint literally whenever he wants and makes proper reads with the ball in his hands. He’s a sharp passer who looks to set up others whenever possible, and has the necessary tools to do so. Neal might be slightly undersized but it doesn’t seem to affect his defensive impact, as he shuts down opposing guards and forces turnovers at a strong rate. It goes without saying, but he’s a clear leader and focal point for the Rams.

6’3 ‘25 Johnniyus Sharpe

After being added to the roster last season, it’s easy to see the impact Sharpe brings to this team. He provides this group with another polished offensive threat with the size, skill, and athleticism to be a difference-maker on a nightly basis. Sharpe scores the ball in a variety of different ways and is capable of creating for himself or others off the bounce. He’s a quality all-around athlete who plays above the rim and causes problems for opponents defensively. Certainly a next-level player, it’ll be interesting to see how his recruitment unfolds throughout the coming months.

6’3 ’25 Cam’Ron Jones

Although he can be overlooked by the masses, Jones is a major x-factor to the success of this squad. He’s a strong, physical forward who rebounds, defends bigger opponents, and consistently does the dirty work. Jones truly doesn’t need (or look) to score in order to impact a game. He’s a willing passer with the ability to finish and fill in the gaps whenever necessary. This team is better with Jones on the court.

6’3 ’27 Adam Grier

The newest member of the Rams has officially been introduced. Grier enters a situation where he will have a ton of surrounding talent and should only help elevate the overall ceiling of this team. He’s a bigger guard with the ability to handle the ball, create for others, and set the tone on both ends of the floor. Grier is a terrific playmaker and athlete with a highly physical approach to the game. He breaks down opponents and makes intelligent reads with the ball in his hands. Grier is a strong defender, rebounder, and overall threat in transition.

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