On November 7th, Phenom Hoop Report will be hosting our third annual High School Jamboree at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. Over 30 teams will be making their way to Tournament Town to showcase their talents to a plethora of scouts, college coaches, and passionate fans. After thorough review of the field, our team decided to put together a little “sneak preview” of individual players and teams that people need to keep a close eye on.


Carmel Christian (Matthews, NC)


Joshua Coley

2014-2015 RECORD:




Myles Pierre:

Myles Pierre is one of North Carolina’s most talented players in the entire 2019 class. The 6’1” frosh is a brute that every coach dreams of having on their roster. He can simply do it all. Offensively, Pierre is an absolute dog. He has tremendous handles, phenomenal court vision, and a lethal 3-point shot for a player his age. On defense, Pierre is electric. His freakish athleticism and quickness allow him to virtually guard every position on the floor. After watching his progression throughout the course of summer, Pierre proved to us that he definitely has what it takes to compete with the big boys. Look for this beast to make a significant impact for his squad come tournament time.


Mac Brydon:

THE BIG MAC ATTACK! Mac Brydon is one of North Carolina’s most intriguing players in the 2016 class. Standing at 6’10”, this 275+ pound bulldozer is an absolute force on both sides of the ball. Brydon has great footwork around the basket, soft touch, and an extraordinarily high basketball IQ that separates him from the rest of the pack. If he can slightly improve his stamina, and work on a few additional aspects to his overall game, Brydon could definitely surprise some folks at the Jamboree. Expect this hoss to make his name known whenever he steps foot on the floor.


Jon Bryan:

Jon Bryan is a player that could really turn some heads this coming season. The 6’8” junior will play a very important role for Cougars HC Joshua Coley this year. He isn’t exactly the flashiest player, and he doesn’t necessarily have that “wow” factor that blows you off your feet, but Bryan’s athletic, smart, and determined for eventual success. His long frame and unique offensive skill set could cause some serious problems against the opposing competition. We’re beyond excited to see how this stud performs in Greensboro.


Rafael Jenkins:

Last but not least, Rafael Jenkins. This young gun has an unreal amount of potential. Jenkins is that crafty, high IQ PG that opposing players hate to matchup against. Although he is considered a tad bit undersized standing at 5’9”, this sophomore continuously makes it apparent that he isn’t afraid to battle against anyone. With the proper mindset and a little extra meat on his bones, Jenkins could emerge as one of Carmel Christian’s strongest players in the coming years.



Roland Whitley

Greg McDonald

Sam Wolfe

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