West Forsyth
Voyager Academy
Cannon School

West Forsyth
Clemmons, NC
Head Coach Rusty LaRue
4A Central Piedmont
19-5 (10-2)

West Forsyth returns athletes. They bring in a new head coach, Rusty LaRue, who has college experience and an NBA championship ring. With some new blood transferring in, look for this team to make a run in the playoffs.

Players to Watch
6’ Senior Darion Slade

Slade, a participant in the prestigious North Carolina Top 80, is the leading returning scorer after putting up 14 points per outing. He is also a D1 dual-threat quarter back with ACC offers. On the court, last season, Slade was 35-52 from behind the arc to shoot a staggering 67% from 3.

6’4” Junior Cooper LaRue
LaRue transferred over from Reagan High School, after his dad was appointed the head coach. LaRue instantly becomes a factor. LaRue is a lengthy wing, who rebounds from his position and makes shots. Look for him to follow his father’s footsteps as a D1 basketball player.

6’5” Freshman Marcus Watson
Watson is part of that epic 2019 class in North Carolina, and is tracking as one of the best of the bunch. Watson has a great frame to go along with deep range. He is a good straight line athlete and carries unwavering confidence in his game. Watson should lead the team in scoring in some games, if not overall. His recruitment should be tracking at the highest level.

Others to Watch
5’11” Senior Darriel Brown, 6’3” Sophomore Maverick LaRue

Charlotte, NC
Head Coach Preston Davis
4A Southwestern League
8-16 (4-8)

Returning Stat Leaders
6’3” Senior Marcus Thomas
15 points (40% 3P) 3.5 boards, 2 assists
Unquestioned scoring leader, very confident off the catch and can really get rolling when he is hot. Thomas is playing for a scholarship this season, and he will post numbers that are deserved of just that.

6’6” Junior Victor Tshiona-Aceved
4 points (67% FG), 7 boards
Tshiona-Aceved is a high motor layer that is built more like a linebacker. He is a difference maker on defense, he finishes around the rim, and he makes you work hard in the paint. Will form a nice paint duo, pairing with Justyn Hamilton.

6’9” Junior Justyn Hamilton
3 points (70% FT), 3 blocks
Hamilton spent the summer becoming one of the quickest rising players, that still many have not seen. Hamilton spent July, at the Phenom Champion Showcase and the CP3 Live, averaging 18 points, 12 boards, 5 blocks, and 2 steals per game. He parlayed that performance into and invite to Colorado to try out for USA Basketball. Hamilton is drawing rave comparisons to fellow North Carolinian Hasaan Whiteside and has picked up 7 offers since July.

Others to Watch
6’5” Junior Matt Statile

Voyager Academy
Durham, NC
Head Coach Mike Huff
1A North Central Athletic League
29-3 (16-0)

Returning Stat Leaders
6’10” Senior Jay Huff (Virginia Commit)

16.5 points, 8 boards, 2 assists, 5 blocks
Huff is a game changer as he carries a unique skill set where he can beat you in many ways. His range spans well beyond the arc, his wing span is over 7 feet, his handle allows him to put it on the floor in the half court or push the break. Huff is ranked as a consensus back end Top 100 player, but look for him far outplay that at the next level

6’5” Senior Colin Faucette
9 points (43 3P Made), 2 boards, 2 assists, 1.5 steal
Faucette carries a great frame, and a stroke that if he gets his shoulders square you can pretty much count it. He moves well off the ball, has a high IQ, rebounds his position. Good glue player who should get a look at the next level.

5’10” Senior Chance Greene
7.5 points (48 3P Made), 4 assists, 1.5 steals
Greene had a good junior year, but had a great summer. He is currently playing with his confidence at an all time high. He is very crafty in the lane, and carries deep deep range. Even with a top 100 player on his team, it would not surprise for Greene to lead the team in scoring this year. He has his choice of D3 schools all over him, and has D2 schools tracking closely.

Others to Watch
6’6” Senior China Jones

Cannon School
Concord, NC
Head Coach Che Roth
3A NCISAA Charlotte Independent League
9-15 (3-7)

Players to Watch
6’7” Sophomore Jairus Hamilton

Hamilton is a new comer to the scene, transferring back to Cannon from a hiatus in South Carolina. Hamilton is a long and athletic wing. He has a college frame and looks like he may still be growing. Hamilton has offers from Hampton and Tennessee, and is tracking as a highest level recruit, and possible top 100 kid. Wil be fun to track moving forward.

6’5” Junior Philip McKenzie
McKenzie is a do it all tough guy on the court, the type that will finish 1st or 2nd on the team in points, boards, assists, steals, blocks, FG% and any other statistical category that matters. He does all this while also defending the opposing team’s best player. McKenzie picked up an early offer from Houston Baptist, and look for more to continue rolling in. While different, he is a player that stars on winning teams.

5’11” Sophomore Zion Hendrix
Hendrix is a lefty, who plays with the poise of a veteran. He is such a calming factor on the court you sometimes forget he is just a sophomore. Hendrix had a controlled handle and a quick first step, which gets him into the lane. He is already garnering D1 interest, as he should.

Storylines to Watch
Justyn Hamilton Vs Jay Huff
This one is perhaps one of the more intriguing match ups of the event. It was around this time, last year, that Huff used the Phenom Platform to take off from an unknown to a national top 100 player. Will Justyn Hamilton be that guy this year' He already parlayed a confident summer into a Team USA invite, where does he go from there' He will get the chance to show it against Huff.

Marcus Watson Vs Jairus Hamilton
These are two supremely talented young wings, who are tracking at a high level but getting over looked by others in their class. Both players are very long, Hamilton is a downhill wing and Watson is comfortable on the perimeter. These two are both tracking as high major recruits with shots at being Top 100 types.

Overall Group Shooting
Between Chance Greene, Darion Slade, Cooper LaRue, and Marcus Thomas there are some big time shooters with some deep range in this grouping. With a lot of eyes on some post play, a couple of these matchups could turn into shoot outs.

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