After months of travel ball building up to the first Live period of the season, we have finally reached our G3 Showcase. The event is set to have a ton of next-level prospects in addition to new faces worthy of attention from onlooking college coaches. The event will take place at Rock Hill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill Sports and Events Center from Friday through Sunday. We will take a quick look at some of the teams and players coaches should be watching, and this edition features NC Spartans Henderson.

Roster (all 2025):

Kam McKnight

Bryson Mickey

Nate Keegan

Derek Studer

Tripp McMillen

Jack Williamson

Lincoln Jackson

Carson Barnett

What we’ve said:


“McKnight is a smart, steady floor general who offers an incredible balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s a reliable creator and ball-handler who consistently sets up his teammates in scoring situations. McKnight is a lethal shooter and efficient scorer who mixes it up very well within the flow of the offensive structure. He displays excellent pace, defensive instincts, and the ability to dominate a game without needing to be the leading scorer.”

“Meanwhile, Mickey is nothing short of electric. His unassuming nature relays a false identity to opponents, but that doesn’t last very long. It only takes a few seconds to appreciate his poise, craftiness, and incredibly high IQ. Mickey plays with amazing offensive balance, displaying natural playmaking instincts and efficient scoring prowess from all levels. He’s not an explosive athlete, which makes his pace and ability to get anywhere he wants even more impressive. Mickey is comfortable with or without the ball. He’s a smart cutter and spot-up threat who hits shots, keeps the ball in motion, and properly dissects defenses when attacking closeouts. Mickey is a solid rebounder, useful defender, and consistent threat in transition. He’s quietly one of the most entertaining players in North Carolina.”


“Given his ability as a connector and natural glue-guy, Nate Keegan is another guy who should appeal to college coaches. At 6-foot-4, he offers a quality blend of size, shooting, and defensive versatility. Keegan is comfortable outrebounding bigger opponents, guarding multiple positions, and adapting to various different roles. He’s also comfortable cutting, posting up, and attacking off the dribble. Keegan contributes to winning.”


“Studer is a quality rebounder and interior score who moves well for his size. He alters shots, displays soft touch, and understands how to work within the framework of the team structure. Both guys should appeal to college coaches.”


“McMillen is long, wiry, and continues to highlight a lot of growth on both ends of the floor. He’s capable of hitting the occasional jumper or attacking off the bounce, but is typically at his best when slotted around the basket.”


“Rounding out the roster, Jack Williamson does a great job of filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He’s a capable shooter, passer, and defender who plays with consistent energy. Williamson’s well-rounded game allows him to make an impact in several different roles.”


“Between his motor, toughness, and interior presence on both ends of the floor, Lincoln Jackson brings so much to the table. He’s strong, bouncy, and excels at doing the dirty work. In a time where so many kids want to score, Jackson’s rugged, blue-collar approach is really refreshing. He’s a highly active defender who consistently prioritizes rebounding and making hustle plays. Jackson is a reliable finisher with an understanding of how to score from screens, drop-off passes, and second-chance opportunities. He truly leaves it all on the floor.”


“Potentially their most improved player over the last six months, Carson Barnett is a clear difference-maker for this group. He’s a heady guard who does a healthy amount of everything on the court. Barnett can initiate the offense, but often finds success through his defense, well-rounded skillset, and willingness to fill in the gaps however necessary. He possesses a high motor and tough, scrappy approach. Barnett has the tools to be a college player.”


5/18 Team KST (10:00 AM)

5/18 Pro One Select Garner (2:00 PM)

5/19 Q6 All Stars Beaty (11:00 AM)

5/19 Run the Citi (2:00 PM)

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