BLAKE HARRIS – This kid is a do it all PG, he can shoot it, handle it,play defense, and attack the basket finishing at the rim. He’s so athletic, which allows him to play above the rim. He’s a good on the ball defender. He has incredible court vision, and a high I at the PG position. This kid is special!
JP MOORMAN – Incredible athlete, with great ball skills. He can handle the ball very well. He shoots the ball well, and attacks the rim, and finishes at the rim. He is a tough competitor, who plays hard the entire game. This kid is one to watch!
JADEN SPRINGER – TOUGH!!! This kid played with the big boys and did not disappoint. Although he’s just an eighth grader, you could never tell by watching this kid. He plays hard and physical. He has the ball well, and attacks the basket like a kid on a mission. He mixes it up with his willingness to go bang and get rebounds. He has a pretty good shot, but this kids game is built on being tougher than the other kids.
AHKEEM LAWSON – A well rounded lefty with a nice touch around the basket. He has good footwork that allows him to get his shot off around the basket against bigger guys. He also showed he can step out and knock down the the open three.he handles the ball well for a guy his size in the open floor.
COLIN MOLDEN – A real smooth guard with a high basketball I. He shoots the ball very well and he’s crafty. He moves well without the ball in his hands, but he can also create his own shot. He made some very impressive passes which showed his exceptional court vision.
RAFAEL JENKINS – Love this kids leadership qualities. Great ball handling , with above average passing skills. He can knock down the open shot as well create for others. On top of all that this kid plays great defense, which helps his his size. He’s definitely a point guard to watch in the near future.
TAI GIGER – Strong guard who can shoot lights out. Plays real physical, and can handle guarding bigger guards. Rebounds extremely well for guard and he attacks the basket with the ability to finish at the rim. If he can make the transition to being a true point, that will be a game changer.
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