Matthew-Phillip Stevenson (Hargrave Military Academy, Class of 2016)

A rangy combo guard from Winston Salem, NC, Matthew-Phillip is known as a lock down defender with the ability to shoot the short & long range, as well as the 3 ball extremely well. Matthew-Phillip was the team leading scorer in both his 9th and 10th grade years. Each year, his team suffered only one loss. In his 10th grade year, he was moved to the Varsity team. On this Varsity team, Matthew received 2 NC State Championship rings before transitioning to Hargrave Military Academy.

Matthew-Phillip had a successful first season at Hargrave. In 5 games, he scored 20 points or more per game. In a game against Virginia’s top ranked high school (with a roster that included five Division 1 prospects) he led the team with 27 points, shooting 5 of 8 behind the 3-point line.

In his first season at Hargrave, Matthew-Phillip was honored with four Player of the Game awards and the 2014-15 Most Improved Player Award. He was the team’s 2nd leading scorer and 2nd in team assists while being considered the team’s best defender. In addition to the Hargrave accolades, Matthew-Phillip made 2nd Team All Conference, was an All Metro nominee, and received a VA Top 80 Invite. He also received an invitation to the Jay Bilas Skills Camp where he performed very well. He followed up with a great performance at The University of West Georgia prospect camp.

Matthew- Phillip says, “making the transition to Hargrave Military Academy was tough yet very rewarding in the court and in the classroom. Living away from home at 17 years old means growing up quickly. Playing basketball at Hargrave makes you a man and prepares you for the next level.” Matthew- Phillip describes himself as a born shooter; that loves playing defense. He feels that playing at Hargrave has developed his mental and physical toughness. You either can endure it or you can’t, there is no in between. He describes a moment after the first half of his season returning from his Christmas break in which he said his body hit a wall. “ I was very flat. I felt that my game wasn’t where it needed to be”, he says.

He knew his summer break would need to be filled with workouts to prevent this from occurring the following year. Matt recalls that “this was the most challenging summer break season I have ever, had but it was extremely rewarding. My body feels great and my mental focus is on point.” Matthew says that his routine included four days a week of 2 a day workouts. He worked out at 5:30 AM and 7:00 PM. Ball handling, shooting drills, speed agility, flexibility, strength and conditioning was the main focus, but challenging training sessions with a boxer in the gym was added to improve his agility. Although the summer break was tough, “it prepared me for the season and gave me time to read, write and meditate, while giving glory to God.

Head Postgraduate Basketball Coach and Basketball Program Director at Hargrave, Military Academy, Coach A. W. Hamilton states that “Matthew can score in bunches and has great range on his jump shot. He can defend multiple positions and has become one of the best defenders in the VIC. Matthew is a very talented player, but even a better young man.

”Matthew feels that with his preparation and the appointment of Coach A.W. Hamilton to Basketball Program Director, the sky is the limit for him. He is ready for a great season!

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