John Allen talks about one team that stood out to him at the Phenom150 Session II

Saturday, during the Phenom Hoops Phenom 150 Session II event, there was one team that really took what Mr. Lewis stated at the beginning of the camp to heart. The theme of, “teamwork makes the team look good and makes you look good” that team was Team 9, coached by Dan Chaffey. The players on this team won all three games by margins exceeding over twenty points. Their average score exceeded over 88 points and their opponents averaged 66 points.

The team consisted of ten players that had one mindset – win the game. They sacrificed for each other, they competed hard up and down the line, they looked for the next pass, they backed each other up on defenses and they cheered for each other from the bench. This team was the joy of the event to watch. One of the opposing coaches turned to me after the game and made the statement that he normally doesn’t see a team fight that hard unless they were a high school buddies but these kids came together in a short time and made it work.

They became the team to watch because they knew how to win and people like to see winners (especially coaches). Winners help coaches keep their jobs and if I was coaching I would be interested in every player on that team, true everyone was not Division I player but scholarships are given at a lot of levels and by the way there are more Division II and NAIA schools than there are Division I schools.

Players and parents think about winning in these events as much as trying to be a scoring Phenom… be a winning Phenom it makes a bigger impression.

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