6’7″ 2026 Jayvon Rampersant (Berkmar)

Rampersant impressed with his physical tools and understanding of his role. He’s a legit 6’7″ with fluidity, coordination, and explosiveness. Those physical tools, combined with his touch around the rim and flashes of ball skills make him an incredibly enticing long term prospect. He understands how to impact the game with his length, especially as a versatile defender and rebounder. Offensively, he attracts multiple defenders to him with every roll, post up, or cut. This gravity makes him a unique prospect, as he clearly understands how to leverage it to create advantages for himself and his teammates. Look for Rampersant to continue to raise his stock over the coming months and beyond.

6’9″ 2026 Tyson Thompson (Team Raleigh)

Thompson was dominant on Monday, showcasing noticeable growth in his touch, mobility, and overall comfort level when creating in traffic. He was unstoppable with his back to the basket, able to both bully his way to the rim and use a variety of post moves and crafty footwork to create his looks. Additionally, he showed an improved ability to space the floor and even flashed the ability to attack closeouts. He set elite screens, protected the rim well, and made a clear effort to play with a constant motor. Thompson has been trending in the right direction for a while now and, if Monday was any indication, he’s nearing a positive breakthrough in his development.

6’2″ 2027 Brennen Jefferson (Team Raleigh)

Jefferson was perhaps the biggest stock riser from the week, showing clear strides as an on-ball initiator and decision maker since the high school season. He was elite as a shooting threat, both off the catch and off the bounce. He played with a great understanding of pacing and how to manipulate defenses by changing speeds. He lived in the paint, getting to pretty much any spot he wanted to without much challenge. Lastly, he made excellent and unselfish passing reads all week. Jefferson has taken a very promising upswing in his development track and, if this level of play is sustained, should be looked at as one of the better prospects in the state.

5’11” 2026 Cam Newman (Gaston Christian)

Newman will always be one of the most productive players in the gym, no matter the context or environment. He shined all week thanks to his ability to create plays for himself and others. He’s dynamic with the ball in his hands, able to get to his spots with ease and attract attention from multiple defenders while doing it. He’s a highly unselfish passer who only continues to get more creative with how he gets his teammates involved. He continues to improve as a shotmaker, especially off the bounce. He’s more comfortable than ever when absorbing contact on drives and making plays through contact, something that should unlock another level of this Gaston Christian offense.

6′ 2025 Isaac Tatum (Fayetteville Academy)

Tatum was electric throughout the week, continuing to assert himself as one of the most undervalued point guards in North Carolina’s 2025 class. He’s as solid as they come with the ball in his hands as he is great at handling pressure and at getting his team set up regardless of the context. He displayed a quick first step and was solid when absorbing contact from bigger defenders. He’s lethal when allowed to shoot catch and shoot threes, which opens up space for him to get into the paint and create for others. Lastly, Tatum is a sturdy on-ball defender who clearly takes pride in creating pressure and making opponents uncomfortable.

6’10” 2025 Mekhi Ragland (Berkmar)

Ragland impressed this week with his blend of physicality, skill, and IQ. He has a large, strong frame and he understands how to leverage it into advantages for himself and his teammates. He operated mainly as a post up option or the trailer, creating and initiating offense from both spots. He displayed impressive touch, both with his back to the basket and as a shooter. He impacted the game defensively as well, able to deter smaller guards from attacking the rim while controlling the glass on the defensive end. His low-maintenance and productive approach may fly under the radar at times, but it’s easy to appreciate how intriguing and translatable Raglands’ skillset is.

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