6’9 ’26 Heimir Helgason (Asheville School)

The Asheville School is known for having a variety of talented international prospects over the years, and Helgason might be the best of them all. He’s a fluid forward who has gotten visibly tougher and stronger over these last few months. Helgason understands how to take advantage of his size, length, and general skillset to score against several types of opponents. Whenever smaller players switch onto him, he immediately goes to the block, secures position, and converts on his touches. However, bigger opponents struggle with Helgason as well. He’s able to space the floor, attack off the bounce, and make smart passes with the ball in his hands. Helgason also rebounds extremely well and alters shots well defensively. He’s smart, athletic, and continues to blossom. Clearly trending up, college coaches would be wise to get involved with him sooner than later.  

5’10 ’26 Beckett Coon (Wake Christian)

Although he’s always possessed a smooth shooting stroke, it’s clear that Coon has made massive strides as an overall prospect. He’s slightly undersized but offers a dynamic shot-making presence with the blend of vision, creation skills, and perimeter shooting to cause a ton of problems for opponents. Coon is quick and crafty enough to generate clean looks off the dribble, yet also forces opposing guards to stay attached when applying pressure as a spot-up threat. He clearly stood out as the leader and focal point for this group, and should be poised for a highly productive high school season.  

6’3 ’25 Madden Collins (Christ School)

It probably goes without saying that Christ School will remain one of the most talented teams in North Carolina this season, and Collins is a big reason why. He’s a smart, steady, well-rounded guard who can do a healthy amount of everything for this group. Collins shows the ability to run the team, apply scoring pressure from all levels, or produce in spot-up situations. He offers a terrific balance between scoring and playmaking when dictating the action. Collins is also a quality defender and capable rebounder who makes plays in transition. Expect his offer sheet to continue growing.

6’8 ’25 Kaden Hammond (The Burlington School)

Easily one of the most impressive showings from the weekend, Hammond highlighted a ton of ability on both ends of the floor. He played with incredible energy, communicated with others, and truly stood out as a leader for this group. Hammond did a lot of things to impact the game. He’s a skilled big man with touch, vision, and perimeter shooting ability. However, Hammond was arguably more impactful as a defender and rebounder. He flew around on rotations, met opponents at the rim, and battled to secure seemingly every rebound in his area. When Hammond is playing with a full-throttle approach, he’s able to show flashes of pure dominance. He will be a key piece for the Spartans.

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