Looking out east, we had a great opportunity to learn and check out more about the Eagles of Northeastern, as they are coming off a 20-9 overall season and return some good talent that allowed them to go undefeated at the Phenom Team Camp. This is a team that has solid depth and play well as a team, as we break down a few players that we saw at the event that impressed us.

Team Description:

“This Northeastern group is incredibly athletic, balanced, and cohesive. Constantly applying pressure defensively and forcing their opponents to bend to their style of play. Clear understanding of their offensive identity as well, have well-defined roles.”

Players that caught our eyes:

2025 EJ Sutton

Sutton was one that many people talked about, as he brings good size and fluidity to his position. He gets up and down the court well, has the ability to be a versatile piece on both ends of the court, and is strong around the rim. He showed a blossoming skill set that will really help this team in the long run.

2025 Tyell Saunders

Sauders was consistent all weekend long with his ability to be a scorer. He isn’t afraid to create and attack off the bounce, getting inside the defense and finishing over taller opponents, but he was also able to get to his spots to knock down shots. Fearless competitor.

2025 Javion Dance

Dance was another intriguing prospect to keep an eye on. He is a long, lengthy prospect that is active on the defensive end, gets into the passing lanes, is strong out in transition with his size and athleticism, and finishes at the rim.

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