This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to the Sportsplex in Greensboro, North Carolina for the annual CP3 Rising Stars Camp. Typically, this event is exclusively for rising freshmen but the unforeseen circumstances over the last year prevented the Class of 2024 from the occasion. Instead of excising the class completely, they opted to combine the two classes into one enormous event. The amount of sheer talent was almost overwhelming. We watched 2024s extensively on Saturday, which gave us a pretty strong viewing of most prospects within North Carolina. Let’s take a closer look…

6’4 Bishop Boswell (South Mecklenburg)

At this point, most folks should already be familiar with Bishop Boswell and his abilities as a floor general. He’s smart, athletic, and very well-rounded with the necessary size to comfortably play either backcourt position. Although Boswell is more than capable of asserting himself as a scorer from all levels, he really shined as a defender and playmaker at camp. He’s strong, tough, and quick, which allows him to mirror opposing ball-handlers with relative ease. Given everything Boswell has shown over the last calendar year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see a scenario where he isn’t a priority for various programs at the next level. 

6’7 Maurio Hanson (Chambers)

It’s pretty common knowledge that big men typically take longer to fully develop, which is why Maurio Hanson is already so enticing. He possesses an unbelievable amount of polish, including IQ, footwork, and soft touch with either hand. Hanson utilizes his body extremely well and understands weight distribution far better than most post players. He’s a solid athlete with nice mobility and a strong frame, which allows him to secure rebounds and alter shots at a consistent rate. Hanson runs the floor well in transition, operates effectively as a roller in the two-man game, and embraces his identity on either side of the ball. He will be a desirable target for coaches over the coming years. 

6’9 Isaiah Sutherland (Northside Christian)

Although the idea of “potential” often gets frowned upon, it’s impossible to ignore the ridiculous amount of upside Isaiah Sutherland possesses. The idea of a fluid, athletic 6-foot-9 big man with legitimate inside-out scoring and rim-protection instincts should appeal to every coach in the country. Sutherland already displays regular flashes of skill, whether pushing the break on rebounds, hitting perimeter jumpers, or making passes—he’s able to do it all. He’s also a reliable finisher with the ability to meet defenders at the rim and finish through contact. Though still developing, the foundation of a modernized post player is clearly evident. Sutherland should be monitored closely going forward. 

6’10 Devin Brafford (Rabun Gap)

After watching what his brother did for the last few years, folks should be able to look beyond the skinny build and see the obvious appeal with someone like Devin Brafford. Though blessed with terrific height, his skill level is what stands out from the initial jump. He’s long, moves well, and shoots the ball at a very high percentage from distance. Brafford is an excellent pick-and-pop option, but also does a great job of finding open space and finishing around the basket. He puts himself in a quality position to secure rebounds and protect the rim, and should only get better with additional physical strength. Expect Brafford to continue trending upward over the foreseeable future. 

6’6 Isaiah Evans (North Mecklenburg)

Anyone who reads our articles should be well-aware of my personal likening to Isaiah Evans over the last few months. In all honesty, it’s unclear how the general public could see him becoming anything other than a legitimate star. Evans’ floor is already a long, athletic 6-foot-6 wing prospect who can defend, create his own shot, and knock down perimeter jumpers at a high clip. If that’s his floor, imagine how ridiculous his ceiling could be. Often times, Evans is adaptable enough to take whatever the opposition is giving him. That being said, he also tends to take what he wants within the flow of the action. He’s a steady rebounder with IQ, skill, and so much upside. Evans has all the tools to be a premier prospect in the Class of 2024, especially if he continues on his current trajectory. 

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