NCs Fall Phenom Exposure Camps Recaps
2021 Breakouts
By Jamie Shaw

For 14 years now, Phenom’s Fall Exposure Camp has sustained itself as the region’s most sought after exposure camp. What started off as a single camp, has turned into two Fall session with each camp selling out at 180 and 200 prospects.

Every camp has nationally read media in attendance, Ball is Life has videographers on every court and multiple NCAA certified scouts are feverishly writing notes to convey to their hundreds of colleges who subscribe. With 380 prospects coming from six different states across the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard region, walking through the doors for Session 1 and 2 and the understanding of maximum exposure has become a known fact.

Let’s take a look at the players in each class who took advantage of Phenom’s Platform of Exposure and took a major step forward…Starting first in the 2021 class.

6’7” Tymon Szymanski
Rabun Gap (Rabun Gap, GA)

Szymanski has just shown up in the US a couple of weeks ago. He has great size that matches well with his advanced skill set and non-stop motor. Szymanski averaged 15.3 points per game, as one of the youngest players in camp. He helps his team in so many ways, his poise makes it hard to believe he still has yet to play a high school game.

5’11 Jaquantae Harris
Hoke County HS (Parkton, NC)

Harris first opened everyone’s eyes with his high wire acrobatics in warm-ups. Harris is, without question, a high flier with an aggressive leaping ability. Once he got into the game, he showed the ability to handle the ball as well as shoot it with range. The lefty has a sturdy build averaged 12.3 points per game during camp. Fayetteville is known for putting out tough minded, explosive guards…It appears Harris may be in line.

6’1” Cole Sinclair
Durham Academy (Durham, NC)

Sinclair is a name that we have known for a while. He has been coming to Phenom Exposure Camps since the 5th or 6th grade. As with most higher level players, Sinclair played up this past summer on the 15u age group of his travel ball program. Sinclair has a high basketball IQ. He has a tight handle, a great change of pace in the half court and keeps his teammates involved. Sinclair is a true PG.

6’5” BJ Freeman
Word of God (Raleigh, NC)

Freeman pulled out the full arsenal as a scoring threat during Session 1 of North Carolina’s Fall Phenom Exposure Camp. He finished with a single game high of 35 points, and averaged 21.3 points on the day (good for 4th overall in the entire camp). Freeman has a great frame and plays with the utmost confidence. His shot looked much improved and he used his athleticism to get into the paint and finish at the rim. Freeman should be placed firmly on your SIM Cards.

6’6” Will Felton
Millbrook HS (Raleigh, NC)

This was our first viewing of Felton, and we walked away incredibly impressed. He has the look of a classic 4-man who is comfortable facing up or playing with his back to the basket. Felton has long arms and big feet which lead to believe he is not done growing and he is the type that if he reaches 6’8+” he could be looked at the highest level. A lot to like moving forward with this one.

6’6” Eric Van Der Heijden
Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)

Van Der Heijden comes from a good basketball gene pool. His 6’8” brother is a Division 1 2019 recruit and his mother (who stands over 6’) played overseas. The younger Van Der Heijden has the look of a major prospect in his own right. He is very skilled with great length. He is able to comfortably put it on the floor or shoot it off the catch. Despite his slight frame, he has great footwork and very passer friendly hands on the block. Lots of good upside here.

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