Three names that came to mind for one of our scouts from the Summer Havoc

2018 6’0 PG Jordan Twyman Juice All-Stars (NC)

Twyman is the aggressive player that every coach is looking for he is very shifty, and will give you that quick bucket. Twyman is outstanding when it comes to penetrating the defense. He is willing and looking to make the extra pass and above all, Twyman is the guy giving your team that energy, which they need on both sides of the ball. For this reason coaches need to notice ASAP.

2018 6’8 F Grant Yates Higher Level (VA)

Yates has the tall frame and long arms that coaches love. We got a chance to see Yates score 22 points, with two blocks at Summer Havoc live. He was very smooth and confident in his craft, as he made four three pointers in the second half of his game. Yates is very teachable and he is able to switch position while still being the threat. His handles are exceptional for his size. On the other side of the floor he is what you are looking for when it comes to defending pick in rolls. Yates has recovering speed that is impressive. He also has a good bit of interest but won’t be on the market for long.

6’5 F Elijah Lockhart

If you have not seen Lockhart play you’re missing out. We got a chance to speak with Elijah before the game and ask him what are some things he would like to improve on and he stated “cardio, his jump shot, and boxing out is my main focus.” Lockhart had an impressive 35 points and all things considered it was really a show. He is quiet off the court while having a certain poise about him on the court. He lets his playing do the talking for sure. Meanwhile his cardio didn’t seem like a problem watching half of his points come off fast breaks and impressive dunks. Lockhart is underrated and any team that is willing to pick him up should know it will be a steal he is ready to learn and contribute.

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