NC’s Fall Phenom Exposure Camp Session 1
Jason Porter’s Picks (Part 2)
By Jason Porter

For 14 years now the Phenom Hoop Report 150 has been one of the premier exposure events in the region. Thousands of players have made this event in that time with many using the experience to launch their recruitment. 180 hopeful prospects converged on Greensboro this weekend, here are some of the ones you need to know:

Chrstopher Ford, 6’3 2021 W at North Meck HS – Christopher was one of the younger players in this field of players yet still managed to shine. He was always around the ball in the one we saw on both ends of the floor. He needs to get stronger and finish more in close but the rest of the tools are here to work with. Very active rebounder and has the long arms that help make life difficult for others on the defensive end. His game is a bit raw at this point but the needle is definitely pointing up on this kid.

Brandon Aumiller, 6’1 2019 G at Mountain Heritage HS – Every time we looked up in game one Brandon was in the lane getting buckets. He is physically imposing as his strength is obvious as is his athletic ability. These tools allow him to bull past would be defenders, rebound well for his position, and give his man a tough go of it on the defensive end. Did not get to see what kind of range he had on the jumper but when you are getting all you can eat in and around the lane like he did here, why worry over range'

Tony Hauser Jr., 6’9 2019 F at Northside Christian – Tony is one of those bigs where you can tell the future is going to be bright for them. His game is a bit raw and unrefined at this point but that’s to be expected as it often takes bigs longer to come into their own. He showed a good mid-range jumper, some ability to bang inside, and a willingness to challenge plays. He will bite a bit too hard on moves when on defense but that can come through coaching and time. He has the size, now we will have to see if the game comes with it.

Jordan Stowe, 6’3 2019 G at Concord HS – We love watching kids like Jordan play as every time you see them they give you something good. He is an unselfish player that can do whatever you need from game to game. Need him to run the 1' He’s got you. Need him to play the wing and score' Please, he’s got you. Need him to rebound' He’s got you. Jordan is the swiss army knife every coach needs in his tool box when putting a team together. Put him at 1 – 3 on the floor, he will produce.

Jahlen King, 6’1 2018 G at Greensboro Page HS – King is an offense first guard that is always in attack mode when on the floor. Either off the ball are on it he has one thing on his mind, score. While he showed he can score at all three levels here we would have loved to see a more well-rounded performance from him, playing both ends of the floor. The ability to put points on the board are here though and as long as he can do that to the level he did today, he will be a player that gets looks.

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