Phenom Hoops previews each team participating in the NC Top 80. We check out Team 8 here.

Team 8

The Name

6’4” Junior Mike Buckland (Wesleyan Christian) – Buckland plays on a lot of teams that win a lot of games. He plays a great roll on them and even produces a lot. Buckland, whose sister goes to Chapel Hill, is ready to show that he can carry a team. He scores, he has a great frame, and he’s a high academic who carries about seven (7) offers.

The Dog

6’9” Sophomore Jack Hemphill (Broughton) – There may be more athletic or more skilled, however there will not be any that outwork Hemphill. The Sophomore has great hands, and developing footwork in the paint. He will is a good area rebounder and defends the post with purpose.

The Player to Watch

6’5” Freshman Qon Murphy (Hough) – Murphy is a consensus Top 5 player in his class. He carries a great frame, and a natural feel for the game that allows him to excel in different areas. As a freshman, he averaged 10 points and 4 boards per game, finishing on one of the All Conference teams.

The Breakout

6’3” Junior Marshall Lange (Westchester Day) – Lange is a lot of fun to watch. He has an extremely crafty handle, and excels in both the half court and transition setting. While slender, Lange has a good jump shot and can finish in the lane.

The Knockdown

6’2” Junior Ray Kowalski (Concord HS) – His reputation is well known, Kowalski is a knock down shooter. However, he is much more than just a one trick pony. Kowalski has good vision and can be considered a play maker. Playing for Northside Christian this past year he was a designated shooter, after his move to Concord Kowalski averaged 5 assists and 5 boards.

The Human Highlight

6’3” Sophomore Telligence Johnson (Terry Sanford) – Johnson has a strong frame and very explosion base. He gets into the lane and finishes above the rim. Johnson has a good sense of pace in the half court, and game gets more developed each time out. He helped his team to the state championship this year.

The Young Buck

7’ Sophomore Chris Efretuei (Concord Prep) – Efretuei is a new name to the scene, but that shouldn’t last long. He is long, big, and he runs very well. Efretuei is raw right now, however he is going to continue to get better each time out.

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