The second annual North Carolina Top 80 was held at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event features the top 80 players in the state in the 2018, 2017, and 2016 class. It’s a tremendous platform for players to enhance their resume on a regional and national level. Let’s take a look at the players from each team.

Today, we will take a look at team 7 coached by Rob Salter of Greenfield School.

6’2 ’16 Jalen Harris of Word of God (Raleigh)

Jalen is blessed with tremendous speed and athleticism. He has an extra gear and can finish in transition with highflying “highlight” dunks. In addition, Jalen is fearless in attacking the rim and has little to no problem getting into the teeth of the defense. While Jalen prefers slashing to the rim for the majority of his points, he has improved his perimeter skills. The next step in his development is to become more consistent with his jumper, which will quickly elevate his stock to a higher level. Jalen has the physical intangibles to become an elite level PG at the next level.

6’2 ’16 Zavian Jackson of Cummings HS (Burlington)

No one player improved his stock and personal resume than explosive and athletic scoring guard Zavian Jackson. Zavian led the camp in scoring with an impressive 20.7 PPG and attacked and punished the rims time after time at Proehlific Park. Without question, Zavian took on the role of Kwe Parker who has been sidelined with an injury. Zavion is tracking as a high major athlete and the improvement in his shooting and perimeter efficiency will help dictate the appropriate level.

6’6 ’16 Jaylen McManus of North Mecklenburg HS (Huntersville)

What makes Jaylen such an intriguing prospect is his ability to play both on the interior and the perimeter. Jaylen has excellent mobility and has the ability to stretch the defense with his excellent 3-point shooting. He has solid ball handling and passing skills for his size/position. Jaylen has a really good understanding of the game and a high basketball IQ. While Jaylen has been a standout on the hardwood, he also sports an impressive 3.5 GPA. Athleticism, skillset and academics are a nice trio of attributes that translates at the next level.

6’4 ’16 Devonte Barker of Faith Christian Academy (Durham)

Devonte Barker is a strong, powerful and athletic scoring guard. He has an outstanding midrange jumper and has the ability to score off the dribble. Devonte can score from all levels on the court and his explosiveness is high level. In addition, Devonte has excellent body control and plays equally aggressive on the defensive end of the court. He will challenge you and can be a lock up defender. Devonte is tracking as a solid mid major prospect and should see his recruitment pick up considerably this summer.

6’0 ’16 Robert Colon of Northside HS (Jacksonville)

Robert Colon is a tough as nails competitor. He has a physically strong frame and plays with tremendous effort and passion. Robert is really crafty and has an excellent hesitation move off the dribble. In our opinion, he is vastly underrated as a playmaker and has outstanding court vision. Robert has the ability to step out and consistently knock down 3-pointers, which makes him difficult to contain. In addition, Robert is a fearless defender and gives maximum effort, which is quite appealing.

6’4 ’17 Jalen Morgan of New Hope Christian (Browns Summit)

Jalen is a long and athletic wing guard that impressed us with his ability to play both guard positions. He plays with tremendous maturity for a player his age/grade and has an advanced skill set. We particularly liked his ball handling and overall passing skills as he showcased excellent court vision and basketball IQ throughout the day. He played well within the team structure and demonstrated an outstanding attitude, which is not often seen in younger players.

6’3 ’16 Charles Norman of Prominance Academy (Durham)

Charles is an explosive scoring guard that likes to punish the rims every opportunity. He has a “Russell Westbrook” type of game and like to attack the rim. Charles plays with a nice “chip on his shoulder” and he plays with a lot of confidence. We particularly like his high energy and full throttle approach to the game and makes his presence known on both ends of the court. The next step in his development is to fine-tune his shooting consistency from the perimeter.

6’4 ’16 Kobi Williams of West Charlotte HS (Charlotte)

Kobi Williams has a solid frame, good size and a smooth game. He plays extremely hard and is a low risk player that does all the little things that helps a team be successful. Kobi is a blue-collar worker that uses his body well and gets in position for many rebounding opportunities. While Kobi will not overwhelm you with flashy play, it is solid workmanlike approach that can translate well at the next level. You can always expect a great attitude, effort and team player while he is on the court!

6’3 ’18 Andy Pack of Northern Guilford HS (Greensboro)

Andy has tremendous basketball IQ and fundamentals for a freshman. He has been well schooled/coached and has a keen understanding of the game. His strongest attribute is his ability to shoot the basketball. He has a soft shooting touch and ability to shoot efficiency from the perimeter, especially in a catch and shoot situation. Once he gains more strength and explosiveness, his stock will skyrocket. Shooters translate and Andy has the making of an outstanding shooter at the appropriate next level.

6’8 ’16 Jacob Skidmore of Kings Mountain HS (Kings Mountain)

Jacob is very active on both ends of the court. He runs the floor extremely well and has a really good understanding of the game. We really like his intensity and ability to make plays on both ends of the court. While not the strongest player on the court, Jacob uses his length and anticipation well for rebounds and blocking shots. More importantly, he is a hard nose competitor that exerts a lot of effort and takes personal pride in his game, which is refreshing to see.

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