The second annual North Carolina Top 80 was held at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event features the top 80 players in the state in the 2018, 2017, and 2016 class. It’s a tremendous platform for players to enhance their resume on a regional and national level. Let’s take a look at the players from each team.

Today, we will take a look at team 3 coached by Byron Dinkins of Northside Christian and Rey Crossman.

6’2 ’16 Jordan Sheperd of Asheville Christian (Asheville)

Jordan has seen his stock rise tremendous over the past six months. He sports excellent size and athletic ability at the PG position, which will translate well at the collegiate level. Jordan plays with poise and effort plus adds certain smoothness to his game. More importantly he can be disruptive on defense when he sets his mind to it. Mid majors are currently recruiting Jordan and that seems like the appropriate level for this talented young PG. In addition, Jordan averaged 14.7 PPG for the camp.

6’3 ’17 Ian DuBose of Ravenscroft (Raleigh)

We’ve been tracking Ian since he was in the eight grade. He is a high IQ player on the court and a high academic achiever in the classroom. One thing is always for certain, Ian plays hard and always plays to his strength. He has a high motor guard and is relentless in attacking the rim. Ian finished as the third leading scorer for the camp averaging 19 PPG, but it was his efficiency that was impressive. He went 26-36 from the field for an outstanding .722% shooting percentage. While he may not be the flashiest player on the court, performance and productivity are strong attributes for Ian. No matter the venue, you can always expect Ian DuBose to be productive.

6’4 ’16 Davion Mintz of North Mecklenburg High School (Huntersville)

Davion has tremendous length and matching skill set for his size/position as a PG. Without question, Davion is one of the better midrange shooters off the dribble, but has also improved his efficiency from the 3-point line. Davion has a nice change of pace dribble and is crafty in the paint. He has good court vision and is trending as a solid mid major prospect. The next step in his development is to cut down on unforced turnovers and to be more vocal in his leadership abilities.

6’6 ’16 Jevontay Milner of Cummings High School (Burlington)

Jevontay Milner came in with little to no fanfare, but quickly proved why he will become a solid D1 prospect. He has tremendous length and strength and plays with a high motor. His full throttle approach to the game is quite appealing. Jevontay made an impact on the offensive glass and his ability to run the floor. The next step in his development is to refine his perimeter skill sets.

5’10 ’18 Justice Goodloe of Winston-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem)

Justice has solid instincts and sees the floor extremely well for his age/grade. He plays with maturity and poise. Justice has excellent quickness and has the ability to get into the lane with ease. He is a tough on the ball defender and good lateral quickness. The next step is to become more vocal on the court and take on the “alpha dog” mentality.

6’1 ’16 Jack Konstanzer of First Flight High School (Kill Devil Hills)

No matter the venue, Jack Konstanzer is wired too score. He can score from all levels on the court and plays with a passion second to none. Offensively, he is highly skilled and averaged 13.7 PPG for the camp. Jack can shoot off the dribble as well in a catch and shoot situation. The next step in his development is to be more aggressive on the defensive end of the court. Somewhat an undersized shooting guard, the challenge for Jack is to become as impressive defensively as he is offensively.

6’2 ’16 Emmet Tilley of Northern Durham High School (Durham)

Emmet has good length and athleticism. He plays the game the “correct” way and combines a matched skill set with a high basketball IQ. He is excellent in a team setting and doesn’t try to do the flashy things on the court. Emmet will always give effort and a blue-collar workmanlike approach to the game. You always know what you’re getting when he steps onto the court.

6’4 ’18 Rechon Black of Concord High School (Concord)

Rechon is blessed with excellent size and athleticism for his age/grade. His upside is extremely high and is definitely one to watch over the next three years of his high school career. Rarely, do you found young guards with his size, length, athleticism and a matched skill set. His game transitions well for the next level provided if he continues to work to his long term potential.

6’5 ’17 JP Moorman of Greensboro Day School (Greensboro)

JP Moorman simply knows how to play the game. He has been well coached and understands team defensive principles as well as any player in the state. JP has excellent size, strength and is very aggressive on both ends of court. He has the ability to handle the ball in the open court and also be used as a secondary ball handler in half court situations. More importantly, we think JP is undervalued as a player and is a gifted passer for his size/position.

6’8 ’17 KC Hankton of Harding High School (Charlotte)

KC has the size and length that college coaches salivate for. He has upside and potential that is matched by a solid skill set. The next step for KC is to play with a higher motor. That being said, he has a smooth and fluid approach to the game. We particularly like his mobility and ability to run the run. The tools are definitely there to be a hot prospect at the D1 level.

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