Team 4: Joshua Coley

No. 174 6’2 ’18 Dillon Harrison (Union Academy/NC)

The first thing you notice about Dillon is his advanced understanding of the game. Dillon simply knows how to play the game the right way. He has proper fundamentals and a high basketball IQ. Dillon worked hard throughout the day and demonstrated an excellent attitude that was accompanied by a solid skill set. He rebounded the ball well for his position, but more importantly moved well without the ball. Dillon was very unselfish and has good court vision. The next step in his development is to enhance his foot speed and lateral quickness.


No. 187 6’3 ’18 Andy Pack (Northern Guilford HS/NC)

Andy was outstanding throughout the day and was one of the top campers in attendance. He averaged 18.7 PPG and did it all within the framework of the offense. More importantly, he is an efficient shooter from the 3-point line and is one of the better “catch and shoot” players in his class in NC. His size, skill set and ability to shoot will translate well at the next level. In our opinion, he is underrated and undervalued with college coaches and should become a higher priority for D1 coaches.


No. 215 6’4 ’19 Cameron Caroway (Calvary Baptist/NC)

We really like the upside and potential of freshman Cameron Caroway. He has good length, although he does need to add more strength. (Which will come with age/maturity) That being said, Cameron does know how to play the game. He has a high basketball IQ and has proper fundamentals. Coach Coley stated, “Cameron has incredible basketball IQ.” Overall, Cameron moved well without the ball and rebounded well. He has good hands and runs the floor extremely well.


No. 223 6’5 ’17 Marcus Plair (Northside Christian/NC)

Marcus sports excellent size, athleticism and a solid skill set. One thing is for sure; he knows how to play tough defense, especially with team defensive principals. Simply put, Marcus plays with a high motor and gives maximum effort on both ends of the court. He accompanies his work ethic with good basic basketball instincts and a good basketball IQ. We like the fact that Marcus doesn’t mind doing all the little things that are necessary for a team to be successful. He doesn’t have to score to be effective and is the perfect glue guy every team needs.


No. 242 6’6 ’17 Cole Farley (Calvary Baptist/NC)

Cole has good size, but plays with even a bigger heart. Talk about hustle, Cole exemplifies hard work on the basketball court. His skill set is developing and with his ambition to work hard, the sky’s the limit. Coach Coley stated, “I loved Cole’s hustle and intensity. It was contagious for his teammates. He set the stage.” We like the fact that Cole rebounded well and plays good solid defense in the post. While not the most athletic player, he more than made up for it with his desire and determination.

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