Team 4: Joshua Coley

No. 30 5’9 ’19 Mason Long (St. Stephens HS/NC)

Mason demonstrated an outstanding attitude and relentless work ethic throughout the day. He gave maximum effort and played well within the team structure. Mason has good perimeter skills and has the ability to stretch the defense with his outside shooting. Mason has solid overall fundamentals and his basketball IQ is strong attitudes. As he moves forward, he will need to work on his lateral quickness. Only a freshman, Mason has the intangibles and the basketball knowledge to become a really good player.


No. 92 5’10 ’21 Jalen Cone (High Point Christian/NC)

After a stellar day at the NC Junior Phenom Camp on Saturday, Jalen decided to step into the high school division on Sunday. Let’s just say this, he was more than ready to complete. Jalen has tremendous athleticism combined with an advanced skill set that will make him a special high school player and beyond. Coach Coley stated, “Not only is Jalen an outstanding basketball player, but he is even a better young man.” Jalen has all the ingredients to become a special player and his work ethic and attitude are equally impressive.


No. 123 6’0 ’19 Collin Lewis (Millbrook HS/NC)

Collin had a nice blend of athleticism and skill set that is hard combination to find in freshman. As a combo guard, he has the ability to knock down shots, but also impressed us with is court vision and basketball IQ. Coach Coley stated, “Collin has a very bright future. He plays the game the right way and plays really hard.” The next step in his development is to become more aggressive on the defensive side of the court.


No. 129 6’0 ’18 Drew Greene (Chapel Hill HS/NC)

Drew gave great effort and demonstrated he is the ultimate team player. He impressed us with his outstanding attitude. More importantly, he has the ability to knock down shots with efficiency. His shooting mechanics were advanced and we particularly liked his effort moving without the ball in our three-dribble rule. Coach Coley stated, “Drew’s effort on defense was amazing and it paid off on the offensive end of the court.” It’s refreshing to see young players give equal effort on both ends of the court.


No. 138 6’1 ’16 Nelson White (Voyager Academy/NC)

When Nelson steps onto the court, there is one thing you can expect and that is effort! He played with a high motor and exhibited energy in all three camp games. Coach Coley stated it best,“Nelson’s effort was incredible along with your defense. He’s a worker.” In addition Nelson is the type of player that does so many things well. He has been well coached and understands what needs to be done for his team to win.

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