Team 3: Jarmel Baxter

No. 128 6’0 ’17 Mason Hawks (North Surry/NC)

Mason has the entire basic fundamentals down pat. He’s a high IQ player that really understands the game and is excellent in a team setting. He demonstrates all the intangibles such as great attitude, effort and playing unselfish. Coach Baxter stated, “Mason is going to be really good. He can make the flashy pass.” Currently, Mason is more of a combo guard but could slide into either guard position. He can pass, shoot and dribble.

No. 144 6’5 ’17 Jeffrey Puckett (Avery HS/NC)

Jeffrey has good size/length and ability to run the PG position. He has advanced ball handling/passing skills and really sees the open court with authority. He has an excellent midrange jumper and has the ability to score off the dribble. Coach Baxter stated, “Jeffrey really works hard and flat out gets it done. He can play inside and out and has the ability to be efficient at both.” Overall, a player whose stock is on the rise! Avg. 11.3 PPG


No. 175 6’2 ’16 Brandon Hampton (NW Guilford/NC)

Brandon has a solid skill set and good fundamentals. He has the ability to play within the team concept and was very unselfish, maybe too unselfish at time. Coach Baxter stated, Brandon could really be good at the next level. He has that ability, but will need to work at it every day.” Overall, Brandon knows the game and his intangibles are some of his strongest attributes on the court.


No. 180 6’2 ’18 Tyler Burnham (Franklinton HS/NC)

The first thing you notice about Tyler is his high motor on the court. It’s great to see a young player make the most of his opportunity on the court. Coach Baxter summed it up best, “Tyler can really get after. He was aggressive throughout the day and kept working hard in each game.”Overall, Tyler can score from all three levels on the court and has a good range on his jumper.


No. 186 5’11 ’19 Eric Bethea (Triton HS/NC)

Eric has really good quickness and open court speed. He was able to dribble penetrate and finish efficiency at the rim and have a nice range on his jump shot. Coach Baxter stated, “Eric works hard on both ends of the court. He gives a lot of effort. “ Currently, he has good athleticism and a matching skill set. We really like his upside along with his intangibles on the court.


No. 216 6’4 ’17 Ronnie Brodie (Crossroads Christian/NC)

Ronnie has good size and frame with a developing skill set. He moves well without the ball and can finish in the lane. Ronnie can really rebound his position and works hard for position. Coach Baxter stated, “ Ronnie is really good. He has the ability to get it done on the court and uses his body nicely. Ronnie rebounded both ends of the court.” Overall, Ronnie just needs to expand his perimeter game and skills to be the best player he can be.

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